Old Days New Days

Go ‘head. Spot me. Why? Because I’m not afraid to admit something. Here it goes. I watch Rachel Maddow. As far as political pundits and prognosticators go, I actually find her quite info-taining to watch. Looks like now, though, I’ll only be able to listen to her. The powers that be–and I feel safe in assuming that those powers are the NBC powers–have removed her video feed. What? Buying her book wasn’t enough to give me the right(s) to view her video feed? Nomatter. I didn’t think much of her book anyway. Which brings me to the following question: why is it that creators of content from the olden days will never understand how content should be managed in these new days? All that’s left of Maddow is her audio podcast on iTunes. What? The video feed too much work? Can’t fit it in your budget? Cost cutting got the best of you? Oh. Sure. We can now view her video feed on her website only. Which means… Eeck! Ads. Plus. I’m in #eurowasteland. Like the dumb-asses at SNL or the Daily Show, I probably won’t be able to view the video feed because I’m not in any advertising zone of the lower-fifty. And that makes this kind of a bummer. Maddow is actually part of my weekly morning routine–because that’s when iTunes downloads her on this side of the pond. And so. I usually start my days between 5-6am. While my first cup of Earl Grey is brewing I proceed to check if three or two people have viewed my blog, emails and a few other RSS feeds. Then it’s off to the Interwebnet print news. During this, though, Maddow is usually whining in the background and every once-a-once I could look up and wonder at her lovely tom-boyish-ness. But that’s neither here nor there. The thing that gets me about this is the reason the powers-that-be do this sort of thing. Obviously money is at play–either that or laziness. When one considers where media capitalists are today, then obviously both of the above determine whether or not I get to view online video content as it was meant to be viewed. That’s not saying that I don’t think some content is worth paying for or even watching ads for. It’s just that this show is first and foremost a TV show. That means it already has an established income stream. Trying to milk a stream that’s not there is not very bright on the part of producers–so they figure 1) why should they put up the video for free or 2) since advertisers won’t pay for viewers that cannot buy their products, there’s no need to show it to anybody else. Or something like that. But then again, Maddow’s show has been waning in both production and content–and she’s definitely toned down her liberal voice. So I wonder if this is just another sign of things to come. Has Maddow finally gone over to the dark side? Or has the main-stream media (which is the true Disney-mind of dumb-downed #americant) finally caught up to her? Yeah, baby. Darth Vader could have been a tom-boy.

Link of interest: Move Away From Left Wing TV | The Atlantic

Rant on. -t