Female Quota

I know. It’s not right of me to go around (these Interwebnets) claiming I’ve been able to semi-retire before fifty all on my own. I’ve had a little help in this deed in the form of my better half. Although we both agreed that she wouldn’t be my benefactor, since I still pursue worst-writing as a career (especially as a worst ghost writer), she certainly does make my other pseudo keep-me-busy careers worthwhile. That’s right, dear worst-reader. I’m not only a semi-retired (from working for the man!) worst-(ghost-)writer but, as supplement to this life of pseudo-luxury, I’m also a part-time luggage carrier, pug sitter and all-around husband-of-the-house. Where would my better half and moi be if I didn’t carry her luggage to all those wonderful destinations we travel to three or four times a year? Where would her pug be if I didn’t wipe the beasts nose and clean the snot out of its eyes three times a day? Still. That said. I truly believe that in order to solve ninety-nine percent of the world’s problems, all that must be done is to fully empower the human female so that the law protects her just as ignorance and force has protected males throughout history. But how would such a “law” be? Would it have to be a written, nation-state sanctioned law? Would it have to be a moral law–one that counters all the religious nut-baggery that we have today? Or should it be a law, mostly established by shaming men, that simply establishes a quota? Well, dear worst-reader, I suppose the answer to that can now be found in Germania. Indeed. In Germania, the place where intolerance is a well hidden core of society, the males that run the show think they have found the solution to centuries of wrong-doing. They have set a quota to help human females find some form of equality at the boardroom level of the corporate mega-state. Wow. That sounds so… unglaublich und fortgeschritten. Or maybe not. Good luck anyways, baby. Rant on. -t

German parliament to vote on quotas for women on company boards | News | DW.DE | 06.03.2015.