Mudfish Misdirected

While so many freaked-out over the recent revelations that Hillary Rodham Clinton, former US Secretary of State and possible 2016 presidential candidate (Dem), might have bent the law regarding her private ownership of government emails, worst-writer was sitting on the banks of a muddy river contemplating what need be done. Indeed. Worst-writer tends to take a different path when it comes to criticising and analysing government dysfunction. And so. Before it could even be established if Clinton did anything wrong, all the same folk that tried to noose her for Benghazi hoped they hit gold with the fact that she was tech savvy enough to run her own secure email servers. Now that their hopeful schadenfreude has been misdirected, where should one look for real and true examples of government dysfunction? Obviously the halls of Congress is a great place to start. But somehow, the way those halls are plastered in the faces of the clueless minions through talking heads and corporate media, how should one break out from the rigamarole? The obvious but trivial answer is: have no fear, worst-writer is here. The more profound fascist question is: get off your ass and throw your arm under the surface of the muddy water. Seek out with your hand the resting hole of that mudfish that is your life. Once you find a hole stick your arm so far down into it that the beast doesn’t know what’s hit it. And then stick your arm down its throat till its lips can latch on to your bicep. Yeah. Deeper. Grab it by its innards and then start to yank till your arm with a mudfish attached to it emerges for all your redneck reactionaries to see. And when you stand there with your front and back stained trousers, watching your little missy dance on the shore line, proud of her man, all you can think to do is cross your heart, hope to die, and start that prayer of allegiance to the dangling titties underneath American flags. And when your done, after you’ve cleaned yourself up, get out there and try, for the first time in your life, to think for yourself. Cause you are the mudfish catcher, motherfucker. Then, only then, might you come across something that actually reveals who and what you are once you step away from those muddy waters. Yeah, baby. It’s out there, dear worst-reader. It really is. More than the mudfish, more than the muddy water, more than those luscious titties. The information that might help you find answers to all those questions that you’ve allowed pundits to answer for you. The answers that made America the place it is today. Fail upwards. Race to the bottom. This is the end. Hence, check out the article below if you want to see the true face of what’s wrong with everything–and what stands in natural opposition to the fancy of more Clinton heresy. In fact, when you put the effort into it, the information you may find can be so compelling that you might shed a tear or three once you realise you’ve done something worthwhile on your own. You know what I found out recently after catching my mudfish? I found out that the man-boys are starting to eat themselves. Or have they started that long ago? Nomatter. The republican ranks, the political party that is the mostest responsible for facilitating political conservatism that is today’s #americant, kills itself because of childish name-calling. Can you believe it? I can. And so. These people are running the show and I bet not one of them could actually run their own email server–even if they paid someone to do it. But they could catch mudfish for all the wrong reasons. Rant on. And good luck suckers. -t

‘Politics Gone Hideously Wrong’: Anti-Semitic Bullying Said to Contribute to a Missouri Official’s Recent Suicide | Alternet.