Asterisk Explained

Some more wannabe profundity, dear wort-reader, before I get to the asterisk reference. Or maybe not. Let's talk about farming and music today. For these are two of many more things that, in order to be understood, require a huge amount of asterisks. Or maybe not. Can farming and music be connected? Indeed they can--with an asterisk. … Continue reading Asterisk Explained

Space Ether 9th Symphony

Warning: spoiler alert (I think) regarding the film Interstellar. Good luck. Surprisingly interesting but weak film. Second thought: Long on the drama, unnecessary drama, weird drama. Obviously I'm confused about what the story of the movie is about. Or should I just say: the visuals are fantastic, the film has incorporated an odd, maybe twisted … Continue reading Space Ether 9th Symphony

The TPP Miracle

No. Seriously. If you thought you were screwed before,  you know, screwed by the lie of the open market, the economy or corporations wait till the near future lays its greedy paws in your starving lap. Anyone remember NAFTA? Well, if you feel as though you never could get that job or career that you were hoping for (yours … Continue reading The TPP Miracle

How Did They Know

The Germans lost the war but the fascists won. -George Carlin The book IBM and the Holocaust is probably the first book I haven't read--but have read the most about. And luckily this worst-post ain't about it. What it is about though is the feeling I got when I read the other day Apple is … Continue reading How Did They Know

Uber Mittelstand

Two things today. One. I hate taxis. Two. As I said here and much worst here, the Germanian concept of Mittelstand is a misnomer. That is, it doesn't mean what you think it means. The Germanians and those that preach it think the word Mittelstand refers to the small and medium enterprises that supply big industry with both parts and … Continue reading Uber Mittelstand

In God We Post

It's time to come clean. I sometimes feel obliged whenever I read an article on the Interwebnets to comment on that article. It's a human thing to do--it's one of the reasons there is the Interwebnet. And worstwriter is definitely full of comments. In fact, I started blogging and subsequently learned how to host my own blog … Continue reading In God We Post