The TPP Miracle

No. Seriously. If you thought you were screwed before,  you know, screwed by the lie of the open market, the economy or corporations wait till the near future lays its greedy paws in your starving lap. Anyone remember NAFTA? Well, if you feel as though you never could get that job or career that you were hoping for (yours truly) or if you know for a fact that you won’t have the comforts you parents have (yours truly again) or if you’re kinda angry that #americant can’t produce anything anymore because it can only assemble stuff (Ha, Ha, Ha), you can thank NAFTA for it. But I’m off subject. ¶Just the other day while walking around some Eurowasteland city with my seventeen year old son, I stopped in the market square to gaze at the TTIP protests. For you see, dear worst-reader, TTIP is the Euro version of TPP. Both are extended and steroid laden versions of NAFTA. The truly astonishing thing about these trade agreements is 1) they are not trade agreements they are instead treaties and 2) there is no better example today of how government and corporations collude in order to undermine the common good (if there even is such a thing). BTW, what’s the difference between a treaty and a trade agreement? That this stuff is being sold to you/us as trade agreements is astonishing enough. These are treaties and treaties are much more serious. Aren’t they? But, again, I’m off subject. ¶That the US President is currently shuffling his jubblies in order to get fast track authority to push through TPP should be the alarm bell heard around the world. But corporations–who own everything–especially the media–have kept the whole shebang under most radars. So when I stood there watching and listening to old Eurowastelanders trying to convince people, i.e. society, of the fate that beholds them/us I thought about my son and whether he too will grow old in an age where disappointment and bitterness are the only trades learned.  But then again, after a double-take of all those old people wasting their time protesting something that should have been protested years ago but wasn’t because they/we were all convinced that consuming krapp had no ramifications, I looked again at my beautiful boy and the glow of hope and innocence that surrounds him like a mystical cocoon. I’ve tried to prepare him for the krappy future that my generation and my parent’s generation have left him. I’ve told him about the frivolity of higher education and how it doesn’t serve higher learning. I’ve told him that what he needs for the future is the will to survive thereby not getting caught up in the transaction-lie that is love and simply finding something he likes doing and keep doing it till the cows come runnin‘. Or something like that. Nomatter. If you’re born of the age of the millennials you might have a chance for a future as the ruining boomer generation comes to an end. Good luck suckers. Rant on. -Tommi

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