The Doctor Is Not In

According to a few outspoken voices, it's been a slow month in Curacao. Can't say I'm disappointed. The fewer the merry-er, worst-writer always says. And as others say: good things come to an end. After ten days of too much sun and lots of scuba and no crowds, the hammer hits. We had two dives … Continue reading The Doctor Is Not In

Hi Jack

Dreamt on May 26, 2015. After spending most of that morning jotting down the tidbits, below is what I could put together in the last few days on this glorious vacation. The thing to keep in mind, dear worst-reader, is that I'm over my jet-lag at the time of this writing between May 28-30. Jet-lag … Continue reading Hi Jack

A Winnebago In Curacao

Maybe it's the ocean. Maybe it's the ocean air. Or maybe it's the ether worst-writer has found himself in. Indeed, dear worst-reader. There is something about Curacao. I almost feel as though I'm home. Not "home" in the sense that I would want to make this my home. Nor does the thought even cross my … Continue reading A Winnebago In Curacao

How To Believe

Answering the question of faith, I usually answer thus: I have not been blessed with a gift of it. Sometimes I also say it thus: I have not been blessed with the gift of faith. With that in mind, let's move beyond the spinning that takes place in my head while its trying to figure … Continue reading How To Believe

Talk About Pee Pee

 Professor Dr. Richard Wolff. What a guy. What a professor. And he's all over the you-tubes. Can't remember the first video I saw of Wolff. Can't remember if I was bored of it or if it just felt like a lecture at the Uni I never had. One thing is certain. I've been struggling to … Continue reading Talk About Pee Pee

Voucher Me This

Why is it that Neo-liberals aka followers of Milton Friedman are obsessed with government spending? I ask the question because I recently saw a video of Friedman blathering about his concept of a voucher school system (yeah, just google it) and that was somehow compounded when I read a few moments later that the United … Continue reading Voucher Me This


Reading transcripts this morning, dear worst-reader. About what, you ask. Well. About infrastructure investments of a once great structure. At first I didn't give much of a hoot about recent train derailment. Planes fall out of skies. Rockets can't reach their instellar destinations and plummet back to earth, burning up in the atmosphere. Buildings in … Continue reading Consequences


The sex obsessed nation-cult? Is it me, getting old, prude? Or am I just bored of it all? At the least, I'm kinda perturbed with all the here & there of sex in what I read. I mean, I scan the news everyday. Whether it's HuffPost, Reddit or Google News, etc., I'm all over it … Continue reading Obsexxed

The Teuton's Recipe

Visit winding down. Leave tomorrow on latenight flight. First time departing my beloved former home at 20:30 hours. So. With that in mind. Let me try to summarize this visit. I'm confused more than ever about being an expat, visiting (former) home. Even  though I've seen mother several times since August 2014 and death of … Continue reading The Teuton's Recipe