Hi Jack

Dreamt on May 26, 2015. After spending most of that morning jotting down the tidbits, below is what I could put together in the last few days on this glorious vacation. The thing to keep in mind, dear worst-reader, is that I'm over my jet-lag at the time of this writing between May 28-30. Jet-lag … Continue reading Hi Jack

How To Believe

Answering the question of faith, I usually answer thus: I have not been blessed with a gift of it. Sometimes I also say it thus: I have not been blessed with the gift of faith. With that in mind, let's move beyond the spinning that takes place in my head while its trying to figure … Continue reading How To Believe

Talk About Pee Pee

 Professor Dr. Richard Wolff. What a guy. What a professor. And he's all over the you-tubes. Can't remember the first video I saw of Wolff. Can't remember if I was bored of it or if it just felt like a lecture at the Uni I never had. One thing is certain. I've been struggling to … Continue reading Talk About Pee Pee


Reading transcripts this morning, dear worst-reader. About what, you ask. Well. About infrastructure investments of a once great structure. At first I didn't give much of a hoot about recent train derailment. Planes fall out of skies. Rockets can't reach their instellar destinations and plummet back to earth, burning up in the atmosphere. Buildings in … Continue reading Consequences


The sex obsessed nation-cult? Is it me, getting old, prude? Or am I just bored of it all? At the least, I'm kinda perturbed with all the here & there of sex in what I read. I mean, I scan the news everyday. Whether it's HuffPost, Reddit or Google News, etc., I'm all over it … Continue reading Obsexxed