The sex obsessed nation-cult? Is it me, getting old, prude? Or am I just bored of it all? At the least, I’m kinda perturbed with all the here & there of sex in what I read. I mean, I scan the news everyday. Whether it’s HuffPost, Reddit or Google News, etc., I’m all over it like two teens in spring-time trying to figure out the metaphor of birds & bees. You see! They’ve even got me obsexxing over it. Nomatter. Allow me to just worst-write this, dear worst-reader. There must be better things to do (in this life) than just write and write and write… about sex. Or? If not, there’s always the entertainment value. Right? Which brings me to the question: who created a media obsessed with sex? Was it William Randolph Hearst? Was it Hugh Hefner? Or was it that cartoon chick shaped like a bombshell who was married to a friggin’ rabbit? Again. Nomatter. Below just a few recent articles regarding #americants obsexxion with… you know what. I especially like the comparison of the boomer generation with millennials. But then again. Maybe I like the nonsense of Sofia Vegara’s estranged rightwing nut-job former lover who thinks he has the right to somehow promote family values and anti-choice by claiming their seeded embryos for himself. Or was that all just part of promoting Vegara’s krappy new movie? Rant on. -tommi

Obsexxed Links: