Flags And Creepiness

Some things just give me the creeps, dear worst-reader. Like, for example, thoughts of whether or not I should still be riding. I gave up motorcycling about ten years ago. Mostly because of finances but also because of, well, it was time. I'm proud to say that when I stopped riding bikes, my last bike wasn't a puss … Continue reading Flags And Creepiness

Channeling Their Sex: Bernie Sanders and Eurowasteland's Greece

https://youtu.be/YF4XJ9gs6Bo Can I join these two, dear worst-reader? Varoufakis and Bernie Sanders? One minute I’m watching the Greek finance minister (vid) slime up his (and his country's) parts, prepping it for penetration, and the next minute I’m reading about a “socialist” politician running for POTUS that might actually get a few votes if it weren’t for what he … Continue reading Channeling Their Sex: Bernie Sanders and Eurowasteland's Greece

His Honesty

"His honesty about this paradox or contradiction is what determined him to write Nineteen Eighty-Four as an admonitory parable or fantasy in which 'Ingsoc'--English Socialism--was the Newspeak term for the ruling ideology. It would have been perfectly easy for him to have avoided this crux. In the late 1940s, a dystopian novel based on the … Continue reading His Honesty

Cruel And Unusual Legal Banality

8th Amendment: Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. Notice, dear worst-reader, that there are three parts to the 8th amendment of the US Constitution. Is it any coincidence that two-thirds of the amendment is about money and one-third, potentially, about life? If you’re surprised at that … Continue reading Cruel And Unusual Legal Banality

TPP Stands For: It's Payback Time (Or Something Like That)

When asked if I like Barry Obama I rudely respond with a question. "Are you republican?" If they say, "No, I'm a Democrat," then I respond thus: He's ok, but I'm very disappointed. If they respond, "Yes, I'm a Republican," I respond thus: I love him. With that in mind, dear worst-reader, I'm disappointed in Barry-O because: He's from … Continue reading TPP Stands For: It's Payback Time (Or Something Like That)

Great Unknown Men

"The greatest men in the world have passed away unknown. The Buddhas and the Christs that we know are but second-rate heroes in comparison with the greatest men of whom the world knows nothing. Hundreds of these unknown heroes have lived in every country working silently. Silently they live and silently they pass away; and … Continue reading Great Unknown Men

The Willing

As an Aussteiger and high-flyer I have the privilege of being both a witness and a passenger. Don't blame me, dear worst-reader, for having found the formula for comfort and pseudo-luxury--which, btw, I found before I turned fifty. Also, don't ask me how it's done. Just keep this in mind, the luxury of being worst-writer found me … Continue reading The Willing

Fail Upwards Galore

Why does it feel like telecom carriers are consolidating out of fear? What are they afraid of? Why can’t T-Mobile or Verizon make a logical consolidation? Don't get me wrong. I think consolidation at this level should be prohibited. Let's not get into that, though. I actually like T-Mobile. When I travel home I always use … Continue reading Fail Upwards Galore

Iron Irony

They are finally removing those locks from that Paris bridge. You know, the locks that are supposed to represent girls being princesses swept off their feet by dunce princes with the square chins and riding white horses. Yes. So much is the mindset of a (western) world raised on the whims of money makers and … Continue reading Iron Irony

Tommi's Dive Log

I'm a reef diver. They say reef divers are wussies. I'm also worst-writer. We know what matters more, eh worst-reader? Yet the waters are murky either way. Or are the waters full of spawn? Spawning is clouding my visibility. Can that be? I saw so many little fishies the other day that I thought the … Continue reading Tommi's Dive Log

Getting Rich

"We will lay aside the responsibilities and sacrifices of citizenship, and religiously ascribing all virtues and all growth and progress to a republican form of government, will allow our own to go to the dogs, devoting ourselves meanwhile to the business of getting rich." -from an editorial, The Nation, May 15,1873