Two Ways To Watch The Embarrassment

crumpled currency

Just watched Apple WWDC 2015. Recommendation: if you want to watch it, watch it with the commentaries from Leo LePorte & Co. have a blast making fun of goliath Apple and its inability to be stunning. I suppose I’m not shocked at how boring Apple has become. I’ve been through this before in the 90s. With that in mind, every presentation that Apple gives us proves only that Steve Jobs is dead. And so. There is no… long-live-steve-jobs. The corporate automatons that have taken over Apple as though it was a fraternity on a elite university campus is stunning in and of itself. The people that got up on stage to talk to developers over and over almost made me sick. What a bunch of creepy looking freaks. They bleed, secrete, ooze slime as good as any cigar smoking, grease laden used car salesman. But that’s neither here nor there–for I got a bucket this time while watching the freak-show. Anyone remember that super-model that got up on stage during Apples last presentation? OYG! That worst-said. I have another problem with goliath Apple and its ability to un-stun. I am now, officially, a lost fanboy. What am I gonna do with all this Apple equipment that seems to have no attachment to what corporatist Tim Cook–the Ringo Starr of silicon valley–and his minions presented yesterday? All the updates that they promoted in OS X were/are already available on other platforms–not that I use Safari anyway. And the rest of the OS continuity stuff is bullshit because I don’t have a mac newer than 2011. The only thing that looked promising was Metal. But get this. Metal is a way for Apple to avoid spending any money and/or going the route of developing decent graphic hardware for the Mac. Apple is stuck with having to take what it gets from Intel for its Mac products. It’s obvious that it’s not happy with GPU offerings so it compromises and takes what it can get. I mean, seriously, Intel graphics suck. But if you want decent graphics something has to give. This is why MacPros, MacBookPros, etc., are really so expensive. A truly “professional” product has to have a good GPU. Apple is not going to redistribute its profit margins by subsidising GPUs from AMD, Nvidia, etc. Metal is a way to get around that reality. Again. Corporatists take the ugly easy way instead of the beautiful hard way. Or maybe not. Who the fuck cares. The reality is: I’m on my own with all my old obsolete equipment. And just like the 90s when I first gave up on Apple, history is repeating itself. Move forward without the resources of anything new & improved, worst-writer. All will be well. At least we’ll have the memory of how Apple was great twice. And so. Steve Jobs is dead–long live obsoletism. (Sarcasm off.) Anywho. Does this mean I am regretting late 2011 decision to go full #Apple? As of #wwdc15, yes. And new AppleMusic presentation was/is embarrassing. Oh well. Who else can I throw crumpled up money at for my digital life. Google? Linux? Yeah, there are alternatives. Rant on. -Tommi