The Language of Everything

worst news commentary

Let’s go there, shall we, worst-reader. There is a language that is spoken. There are gestures that are made. There are actions that are taken. And there are ways to wipe the ass so that it feels like it’s being kissed. But all kidding aside. Knowing what’s wrong with EVERYTHING isn’t as hard as some would have us/you believe. Well, at least it’s easy if you put the effort into getting informed. And it’s also easy if you’re willing to understand the information. What’s difficult is if someone tries to explain EVERYTHING to someone who obviously doesn’t get it. Hence, within the news, within the vastness of information that surrounds, simple answers can be found. Beyond that, the effort of explanation is so cumbersome that one of the two parties will die-out while the other goes about his/her consume-to-survive business oblivious as the world turns. That said, allow me to provide a small hint as to why/how EVERYTHING is so screwed up and thereby avoid dying-out. Are you ready? Here it goes: They speak the same language. Their actions are the same. They have perfected the kiss-ass-wipe. So remember that next time you blame a politician or a political party or you suck-up to a political ideology that you ultimately know nothing about. Or, maybe, you sit around with a beer and think everything is A-OK. But let’s not stop there. If you need an example how EVERYTHING functions, here it is. A rich guy gives more money than God to a university that does not need it. If one takes an informed look at how the world turns based on an old, outdated paradigm, where this level of resources is exchanged within a closed loop, well, it’s no wonder that EVERYTHING is so screwed up. This kind of money and how it’s handled really does show one how things work, how they work among themselves, EVERYTHING. Or maybe not. Good luck suckers. Rant on. -Tommi

Source: Hedge fund boss John Paulson gives a record $400m donation to Harvard | Business | The Guardian