A World Of Stupid

worst news linksTPP is on its way to becoming law–and no one knows exactly what it’s about. VW admitted to lying about exhaust emissions of its wildly popular TDI cars. Air France execs get their shirts ripped off because, well, they are in the process of ripping off their workers. Yeah, baby. Another day, another small fry put in his place. And so. With that in mind. Let’s have a worst-writer look at what’y really going on here.


The whole thing is mega bullshit. The fact that people are just now waking up to the realities of diesel motors is proof enough that we all live in a melting pot of stupidity. There is a whole story as to why Europe (yes, Europe!) even has diesel in the first place. In short, my worst-guess is that Europeans had to make a choice (insert # years) ago. As usual, moronic politicians and greedy aristocratic business leaders chose diesel because the motors are cheaper to make and maintain and diesel fuel is cheaper than gasoline. But this scandal is double sided. Of course there’s the emissions issue. But. Again. What fool ever believed that diesel is clean? The more important issue is that Euro car makers lead by VW have simply over extended themselves. No manager at VW was EVER prepared for the consequences of where the world economy is today. Seriously. Not one German manager ever saw the reality of the US being a gasoline car-nation either. Not one German manager ever saw the devastating effect of  misappropriation in the world’s largest growth-economy: China. And so. The Americas are forcing Germany’s hand because, well, the lie of the TDI is just too good to pass up–and America will have none of that. Also. China can no longer afford to buy German cars. So what’s left for “brilliant” German (European) managers? Once again  the easy way out. Fire your workers–because you can’t manage a company.


It’s kinda ironic that VW might be facing huge lawsuits and legal fees regarding it’s #dieselgate scandal right at the moment that a trade agreement, once ratified, might actually prevent one nation from suing a multinational corporation. But so rolls the dice, eh, Germany. Ever since I first heard of TPP I knew that it would go through. I’ve seen multiple protests in Europe about it (where it’s called TTiP) but whenever I confronted those protestors with reality, they just shrugged me off. The fact is, TPP has to go through in order to save us from ourselves. You must keep in mind, dear worst-reader, that multinational corporations are run by the very same “educated” people that have put the world in the place it is in now. You can’t stop these people from trying to save their own asses. Well, I guess you can. But the consequences will be worse if you do.

Air France

I love this. Ripping off the shirts of corporate execs. What a great idear! In fact, I love the way the French protest. Will never forget that time I was in Paris and suddenly the world stopped as a huge umpteen mile long convoy of tractors made its way through the city. The tractors were hauling apples. They eventually dumped a few thousand tons of apples all over the place. And that’s not all the French dump. I remember reading a few years later, although I wasn’t here, that pig farmers dumped a bunch of pigs in front of the parliament building. Now that’s what I call protest. But before I get all icky emotional regarding my love for French people, let me just say this about the fucking airline industry. Hey! Airline industry. Go fuck yourselves. I have been flying across the atlantic at least a few times a year, every year, for twenty-five years. And you know what I have from all this “travel”? A fucking headache. And you know what else I have? Nothing. That is, in twenty-five years not one thing has changed in flying. Sure. There are newer planes and some even have a few more screens to look at. But the seats are the same–if not smaller and tighter. The flight attendants are the same–if not uglier and older (especially on US carriers). And to top it off. I would like to get a flight to the US this xmas. But the problem is, there are only flights available for prices that are ridiculous. So put this together, dear worst-reader. Air France is going to cut its work force because it can’t sell me a decent priced ticket to the US for xmas? Yeah. Go fuck yourself airlines!

Rant on. -tommi

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