Oh No! Window To Inner National Self Opened. Yet No One Panics.

Having lived in a fraternity once, this example of collegiate behaviour comes as no surprise. But the key thing to remember, dear worst-reader, is not what takes place but the fact that it takes place all the time, always has, will never stop. Which brings me to the following memory. I got into a heated debate with a corporatist once while having a drink a local watering hole. We are about the same age but he’s in the middle of putting his two kids through college and he’s angry that the economy isn’t helping him pay for it. I turned to him, sipped my rye, and said, “what the hell you sending your kids to college for anyway? I mean. Don’t you realise that the country is being run by college grads. Look at it.” He put his drink down on the bar and paused. “What? What do you mean? Don’t you want to send your kids to college,” he asked me. “Not really,” was my response. He was totally flabbergasted. I could see it in his face, his conventional mind twisting and turning, a new thought from a new angle had entered it. “Seriously. We can agree to disagree about politics, my friend, but the commoditisation of higher education and the effects its having on the world should be obvious.” Gulp. Gulp. “Holy cow,” he said. Yeah, baby. With that in mind, mamas of the world unite and sing: Mama don’t let you babies go to college. Rant on.  -tommi

Source: ATO’s National Office Revokes Charter From Indiana Chapter Over Oral Sex Video