Talking The Walk

talk the walk

What’s that saying? Oh yeah. Walk the talk. Indeed. A tried and true American idiom. It is, in fact, a great saying because it goes so well with all the bullshit of consuming-to-survive in America these days–a country that for many is in a perpetual state of being caught up with buying your life from a slimy, greasy, used car salesman. But it’s also the perfect idiom for corporate/automaton linguistics. Yet, like so many other things in life, there’s is something misleading about this saying. It’s supposed to mean one shouldn’t talk about stuff that one cannot back up with action. Some also modify this saying with money talks and bullshit walks. But something has happened in recent years that trivialises if not voids this great American idiom. There are two parts to this saying. I suppose, having used it so much, perhaps even worn it out a bit, now only one part of this saying works. In fact, no one questions whether or not someone talking too much can walk too much. Enter the current iteration of GOP politicking. Have you listened to Kevin McCarthy talk? I mean, if you thought Dubya was a dipshit just get a load of this guy. The funny thing is, though, when I hear McCarthy talk I then see the talking points printed out in front of him on a yellow or pink sheet of paper. He’s eating his morning bowl of fruit-loops, prepared, of course, by his passive/submissive republican wife, and at the same time he’s memorising those talking points. He’s actually pretty good at memorising but that’s neither here nor there. This elected official then, after throwing his milk ridden bowl of cereal in the sink for others to clean, goes off to his day job in the united mistakes house of mis-representatives where he shares with the world the things he’s memorised–as best he can. My worst-point is this, dear worst-reader: if you thought things couldn’t get worse, welcome to your world. Which brings me to another great American idiom–that has changed. It goes something like this. A democratically elected government represents the people. Which means, you are what you elect. Here’s the talking-the-walk of what America elects to represent it:

“We have isolated Israel, while bolding places like Iran.”

“The absence of leadership over the past six years has had a horrific consequences all across the globe.”

“It defies belief that the president would allow the ban on Iranian oil exports to be lifted. And also stand by while Russia blackmails an entire continent, all the while keeping the place of the band on America.” (see last link below for more talking the walk)

Wow. And one last great idiom before I go get another drink. You can’t write this stuff.

Good luck suckers. Rant on. -tommi