VW says rogue engineers, not executives, responsible for emissions scandal

In the wake of all of today’s economic chaos and a world governed as though it was a (bad-managed) corporation, people believed that diesel motors were “clean”? On that note. Did you know that Mercedes uses urine in their diesels to keep them clean? Gee. Anyone want to buy some south Florida real-estate from these German mangers? Of course, like most other things in life, people consuming to survive don’t really question things much. But they do notice that fancy Euro cars are powerful, get great mileage and, where applicable, appeal to everyman’s inner national socialist. Except me. I’ve been driving German diesels for the last fifteen years. I hate them. The motors, although very powerful, are as boring as a dog in a coma. I drive them because, basically, well, I live in Germany. I live in the great collective. I have no choice. And keep in mind, the only way Germans can get VW, Audi, Mercedes, BMW on the autobahn is via some very serious scheming. Ironically the scheming takes place right before everyones nose. And Germans never question anything that their systems does. At least not these days they don’t. Nomatter. German scheming is between the tax-man, i.e. government and the new & improved Euro aristocrats, i.e. corporate managers. This scheme is what puts 60% of all those fancy German made cars on the autobahn. No one in Germany can afford to actually outright purchase one these cars anymore. In fact, they are so stupid-expensive that one can’t even take a loan out to buy one. No normal earning person anyway. But it doesn’t stop there. These cars are not only outrageously priced but they are outrageously taxed. And get this. The majority of these cars, up-to-now are diesel powered. I say up-to-now because I just ordered what will hopefully be my last diesel. And during the boring corporate enabled ordering process (which was six months ago), I noticed one thing that was odd. Cars were being offered for lease with gasoline motors. It was the first time in all these years that I was able to lease a gasoline powered car. I thought that odd at the time and, obviously, I didn’t take advantage of it and I’ve gotten so accustomed to diesel that I stayed with convention. But with this VW scandal all over the place, my worst-mind is starting to make sense of what’s really going on here. Europe, so famous for its fancy diesel cars, is probably in the processes of finally waking up to reality. Diesel cars have never been clean. With that in mind, I guess I’m a bit sad that I didn’t order a gasoline powered car. Then again, due to corporate management, due to my corporate savvy, the level of cars that I’m able to choose from is about to go up a notch or three. Porsche Cayenne anyone? Or maybe not. Rant on. -tommi

Source: VW says rogue engineers, not executives, responsible for emissions scandal