Nasty Rant Against Hillary Clinton Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things Or Maybe It's Something Else

hillary vs ingsoc

Things fly by when one is perched upon a thirty-thousand foot expatriate stool looking down at the new-old world (order) with gusto and admiration and interest. Indeed. The show that is #americant politics is as good as any show there is. Yet some moments even turn my head–with or without The Donald. For the life of me, dear worst-reader, I cannot wrap my mind around the vehemence and hatred for Hillary Rodham Clinton, best exemplified in the link below. There is a video in the link, as well. Check it out. In the video a political pundit is spewing atypical batshit hate for Hillary. But the clinger is, there is no substance for that hate. It is just unadulterated hate. I mean. Isn’t there usually a substantive reason for hate? For example. Did the person commit a crime? Did the person kill somebody? Or did the person partake in a real-estate scandal? In the case of Hillary, of course, one can point to her unsubstantiated email crime. Or what about her running the State Department while Americans died in Benghazi? And then there’s Whitewater. The thing is, she hasn’t been prosecuted for any of these issues–yet so many despise her as though the US judicial system has run amok. Oh! Wait. Maybe she’s hated so much because she forgave her husband for a personal transgression he committed with an intern. Wow. Seriously? Again. I live perched upon a high stool and I look down with expat eyes and my gleaming tears shed upon the wasteland of wanting to go home. The only problem is there is a thread between my will to return and my thirst for knowledge and truth. It is a strong thread–perhaps woven from the great spider womb. How does one return to such blatant and wanton ignorance and hate? But I’m off subject again. Nomatter. The question is simple. Why is Hillary Clinton so hated? One would think that half the human population would at least respect her and praise her for her achievements and even for her ability to forgive. Yet that half seems to be part of the hate. Or am I the only one who remembers her explosive appearance on the world stage during her husband’s first term back in the nineties? I said then, say it now–I even pass it on as wisdom to young men when I get the chance–men should always find a partner that is smarter than they are. Bubba certainly found that in his partner. But to what avail? With all that worst-non-sense in mind, there is one thing that has shaken me a bit about Hillary of late. Get a load of the symbol she’s using for her 2016 presidential campaign. For shits and giggles I dabbled her symbol next to another symbol that I first thought of when she announced in April 2015 that she was running for president. I looked long and hard at her symbol. In fact, it kinda looked long and hard back at me. I started to change the colours, the background, etc., of it. I started to feel the monotony and breath of collectivism all the while waiting for big brother to appear on some flatscreen that is able to pop up out of the ground on a whim. Hillary, oh Hillary, Hillary the tattooed lady. Rant on. -tommi

Source: Andrew Sullivan’s Nasty Rant Against Hillary Clinton Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things