Digging The Ditch Of Irony

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There is, of course, a horrid irony about recent scandal of a US congressman unable to take the job of the 2nd man in line to the presidency of the united mistakes of #americant. And my liberal ass is laughing so hard at this one that I might bust a gut. With that in mind, let’s go there, shall we dear worst-reader. But first… § Some historians say that the whole purpose behind the founding of the FBI was to have a government organisation with the outer appearance of law enforcement but the inner capacity to wield and control the halls of democracy. The powers-that-be were fed up with “democracy” at the beginning of the 20th century. They knew that something had to change in order to protect real power. And what is the easiest way to protect power? J. Edgar Hoover was notorious for his clandestine tactics in collecting all sorts of information on public figures, most of which has never been published due to “national security”. How convenient, eh. Elected officials, both state and national, union leaders, corporate heads, etc., they were all “watched” by Hoover and he had dossiers of info regarding their personal lives, affairs, drugs, womanising, sexual orientation, etc. One could say–and worstwriter most certainly will–that the political ideology that has overcome the republican party today has its roots in the likes of Hoover. I mean, come on. If the 2010 mid-term elections and the rise of tea party proved anything, it proved that there was no end to how low things could get. With that in mind, what tactics are being deployed to prevent Kevin McCarthy–who is viewed in his party as a moderate–from getting the Speaker of the House position? Good ole’ tactics, eh! §Without getting too deep into the confines of explaining American conservatism, let’s just assume that certain aspects of Newton’s law of motion apply. And America is still waiting for an opposing force. Or? § Let’s face it, republican (first) and conservative (second) policies of the last thirty years have amounted to disaster. States are bankrupt (see Michigan, Kansas, Alabama, etc.) and many more on the verge of bankruptcy. Gun violence is redefining the word epidemic. America is being laughed at by rational thinking people the world over when one juxtaposes the war on terror with white policeman shooting black men on city streets. Need I mention America’s debt situation, most of which is financed by China? Obviously “failure” is relative unless you’re in the so-called top 1% society or if you’re batshit and have fallen for the ideology. § Keep in mind, we’re dealing with nothing more than plane and simple ideology. It is ideology that has gotten America into the mess it’s in. Americans are holding tight to that ideology as though it is a comforter or a long lost teddy bear. The recent scandal about Kevin McCarthy is only significant in how it shows the strings that are being pulled. As significant as that is, it all seems to be part of a never ending narrative about the demise of a once great nation. § Kevin McCarthy can only talk the talk when it comes totting republican ideology. For example, his district is dependent upon cheap and illegal immigrants for agriculture—yet he gets elected as a republican. Have you listened to how republicans talk about immigration lately? Have you listened to The Donald? Republican ideology and its adherence to economic neoliberalism, i.e. centralised capitalism, i.e. the lie of Reaganomics has done nothing but dig the country deeper and deeper into a ditch. This ditch is not only filled with armchair economists and keepers of the faith that the south will rise again but also religious nuttery on a scale not seen since the inquisition. The tea-party-types, the Sarah Palins, something like 30-40 republicans elected to the House and Senate since 2008, are all leading the ditch digging and they don’t even look up to see how deep they’ve actually gone. And that’s not even the worst part. The worst part is America is following them into the ditch. Say what you will about the two political parties in America. But it is because of this level of ideology that I refuse to make false equivalences. Indeed. Kevin McCarthy is just another dimwitted (have you heard him talk?) nut job opportunist able to sell snake oil to willing buyers that elect him to office but he can’t sell it to other snake oil salesmen. The irony is so thick here that there are times I wish I could taste it or at least spread it on a piece of bread toasted with a Jesus image. J. Edgar Hoover and lots of other like-minded conservatives of yesteryear laugh and turn in their graves. But they are also a bit shocked in their graves. The real irony about McCarthy’s scandal is the fact that, according to the MarketWatch article below, it was Homeland Security that was part of the leak regarding his inappropriate behaviour, i.e. an affair with a congresswoman. So I guess, with post nine-eleven government expansion that rivals FDR’s expansion, it’s not enough that the FBI plays its games. There’s a new player in town. Oh my! Good luck (ditch digging) suckers. Rant on. -tommi

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