Now That's A Protest

The inevitable is at your front door. Perhaps not unlike the grim reaper. Remember the reaper? He came along just after you had the canned salmon. Nomatter. As I’ve stated here & there, TTP and TTIP are inevitable. Obviously protests like the one in Berlin will have some sort of effect on it but I don’t think it’s possible to stop globalisation. Ultimately that’s what we’re dealing with here, dear worst-reader. Acronym or no acronym, TTP is globalisation. And so. Protesting it would be like protesting your ability to buy stuff. You know what I mean? You walk into a store and tell the store manager that your protesting that toaster or pair of pants or a packet of shoe laces. The managers says, “Ok, fine, what are you demands?” That’s when you turn and look at him and think, “How did I get here?” Indeed. How did we get here? Globalisation. Rant on. -tommi

Source: Thousands take to Berlin to protest EU-US TTIP accord | Germany | DW.COM | 10.10.2015