What Lies Under Your Doms


cologne dom

“We do not have to visit a madhouse to find disordered minds; our planet is the mental institution of the universe.” (-not sure but I think this is from Goethe)

What will they say in the comings days, dear worst-reader? Not sure. Or am I sure? As usual, there will be comparisons to various acts of violence elsewhere in this confused world. With that thought in mind: I suppose it’s a good thing that Germanians (Europeans!) can’t get guns as easily as Americans. Hopefully the shunning and the misgivings regarding this (most) recent example of amok-society won’t be lost in translation. Indeed. The confusion of pseudo luxury that is the land of Oktoberfest, Autobahns and Milky Weiber won’t cease anytime soon. Yet. All worstwriter knows is this: I drive my bike through the part of Cologne this under achieving attacker is from; I drink the same Kölsch they all drink; I get that dizzying feeling that everyone gets when standing within viewing distance… of that Dom. Heck, I was even considering voting in this local election. (For, yes, it is one of the very few privileges this non-citizen expat has–to be able to vote in local elections–or to collect Hartz IV.) Yet this act will do nothing more than fan the flames of all the confusion that is so cleverly avoided in Germania. Yes. Cleverly and collectively avoided. The happy, optimistic flames of confusion help the balloon of nevermore rise above middle and north Europe’s reality. All is well in the land of the golden stars in the foreground of forgotten blue. All is well at your upcoming Weinachtsmarkt. Germania is a confusing place–that burns and burns underneath her Doms where marshmellow days fold into Mehrkornbrötchen. Inhabitants linger around the good life of the collective as all are health insured, some get to lease a new “clean” diesel every few years, some get to plan those mandatory government sanctioned vacations, and most just linger in the reality of austerity and Hartz IV that is oh so compelling. This is a place where function melts into the massive bureaucratic dysfunction of great cars and hugo-boss. And everybody is as happy as peaches just before they fall from the tree. If it weren’t for those knives being wielded around certain social and political statements nothing could go wrong. So which is it? The statements or the knives that get your attention? He said he did it for us. He did it because we weren’t able to stop him. He did it out of pure confusion conjoined with mass hysteria hidden behind the skin-walls of someone’s Prussian namesake. His confusion and his statement are beyond conjoined, though. Have they merged? Just up the street from where I live is a migrant facility. It’s clean and orderly. It’s nothing more than turquoise painted, reupholstered shipping containers on the grounds of an abandoned school. (An abandoned school in Germany?! Seriously!) The facility is fenced in and guarded. It’s also surrounded by trees, shrubbery and a village. Before the migrants came, as they were building the facility, German flags hung from village houses. Since the facility took on its inhabitants, the national flags have all disappeared. Where did they go? Who told the collective to remove them? Oh my. These facilities are not few and far between in this Germania’s fourth largest city. The people that live here are confused enough as their lives are overwhelmed with this world’s economy. And now you (yes, you!) bring all these refugees in disguised as migrants because, politically, migrant is a less dangerous and costly word? Wow. One can only wonder at the decision making process here. Perhaps not unlike the decision making process of lying about emissions in order to keep 600k people (among the millions and millions around the country that are un and under employed) working at VW? And so. This is a place where a leader, reared by the likes of Margot Honecker, makes decisions about accepting the ramifications of the lie of productive luxury–as a psychotic painter can’t find work. Yeah. We see it in how the Dom’s people react to the Greece buy-out and we also see it in how VW managers sell it. But the worst sight is how Germania sees the comings and goings of Syria thereby forgetting its own downtrodden. Talk about confusion. How well has Margot… I mean… How well has Merkel handled all this? How well has she done? Indeed. Someone stabbed her party yesterday–and the balloon lie of “social-market-economics” flies on and on. Which can only mean: prepare yourself Germania. Or get rid of all your knives that could bring down your balloon(s). Butter knives are OK, 40cm Rambo knives are not. Wow. Merkel has convinced most of the world that Germania is more than just a player in the realm of cheap labour, cheap production and even cheaper software controlled diesel emissions. This is a place that will bow before the fight that is mass confusion–and during that fight the few and far between will be hiding in the wings of aristocrats and plagiarised PhDs and Margot. Yeah, baby. Alles (wird doch nicht so) gut(e)! Oder? Rant on. -tommi

Source: German Mayoral Candidate Stabbed In Anti-Refugee Attack