The Working Poor Shall Inherit The Earth

labor force absentee list

Get a load of some of these stats, dear worst-reader. There are times when even I, the grand stat-viewer, milk some tears when I read such things. And as we know, my tears are not like those of mermaids. Indeed. There will be no cure for these ails. So let’s just run down to reality lane and give it all a once-over, shall we? First, get a look at those stats from The Social Security Agency. You know, it always bothered my when repub nutbags harped on social security. Even though the system is self-financing, that is, no tax dollars have to go into social security, republicans want to privatise is. Why? Well, the answer is clear. The ideology of political conservatism is also clear. Greed doesn’t like change nor does it like money flowing without it (conservatives) being the delegator(s). Also, greed works best when it can exploit whatever through whatever means. With that in mind, social security is both a grand target and, under the right conditions, no different than a deer being blinded by headlights. You can be assured, dear worst-reader, and you may count your blessings, that the greed mongers haven’t gotten their fingers into social security like they’ve gotten those same fingers into other easily exploitable (political) endeavours. But I digress.  §Have a look at the article “Goodby Middle Class.” If that doesn’t scare the poopy out of you then nothing will. Of course, I saw all this coming in the 1980s in my beloved #americant. The way Americans have lapped it up, this lie of the mind, this consume-to-survive gluttony, this inherit from parents is the only way, etc., is, after jumping that sinking ship so many years ago, nothing new to me. Watching this level of cultural and societal degradation hasn’t been easy, though. But what can one expat do? I know. Blog. Vote. Toke. Whatever. §And last but not least. Check out the article that was written based on the “Strange .txt link” below from the site The Economic Collapse. With that in mind, always remember, the science of statistics was created because lying is always better than telling truth. So. Next time you hear Barry-O talk about five or six percent unemployment, do more than just snicker and giggle. The best thing to do is stick your head in your ass where it belongs because you are in your armageddon as the working poor shall NOT inherit the earth. Ha. Ha. Ha. Good luck suckers. Rant on.

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