Some Seeds For Your Billions

apple profits and nobody else does

It caught my eye earlier today while reading through my feeds using the Flipboard app on my iPad. For posterity’s sake, I’ve documented the experience in the pic above. On the left is the initial link with the short summary of a BBC news article about Apple’s third quarter profits. On the right is the article as it appears after one clicks on the link. Now. Notice the picture on the left. Obviously there’s a glitch in the Flipboard app. And that’s all fine and good. But sometimes, just sometimes, even glitches can tell us a lot. In this case, even though I’ve not been able to identify what news article the pic on the left belongs to, it obviously depicts a man, most likely a farmer, holding up either two seeds or two kernels from whatever he farms. (I know. I know. It could also be crack cocaine or meth nuts. But let’s leave this worst-post to the better doings of shady characters, shall we.) I found the glitch quite amusing as I both laughed at Apple’s outrageous profits, a large portion of which sits in off-shore banks in order to protect it from taxation, and cried at the reality of what companies like Apple leave in their successful wake. Yeah. This is how we roll. A company makes more money than God and somewhere a farmer is worried if he’ll be able to water his crops in order to assist in the meek inheriting the earth. Or maybe not. Rant on. -tommi