Lead Sinker Bon-Bon Welfare Queens

lead bonbons

The first time I ever heard someone use the term “welfare queens” was when that dirty uncle was visiting for Thanksgiving dinner. You know the conversation that eventually rears its head at a such a family gathering. You not only got your lefts and your rights but you also got your ugly faces and morons–all stuffing their mouths with stuffing. When I asked dirty uncle where/how he came up with calling poor people welfare queens he responded with confidence that he recently started listening to a man on the radio named Rush. That was back in 1990. Obviously I eventually stopped talking to dirty uncle, although I think I did see him in 2002 briefly just before his passing. Yet even after all these years and all the distance I’ve put between myself and dirty uncle, every once-a-once I come across something while catching up on the goings-and-comings of my beloved #americant that make me think of dirty uncle. The issue/article (see links below) had to sink in for a few days before I was able to really wrap my head around it. And what a thing to wrap around! I suppose, somehow, somewhere, I had hoped that the welfare queen thing had been purged from my life. Along with dirty uncle (who we all have) and the prejudice of the mind (who most have), there is little to be done about the bitchin’ and moanin’ that #americant talk radio has made our past-time. For talk radio is so deeply embedded into the #americant psyche that it doesn’t even know when it blatantly goes over the edge, rearing its true inner conscience, its true face. Hence the immaculate coming of The Donald. I mean, where else could a country like #americant come up with such a character? But I don’t want to get too far off subject. Dirty uncles and the krapp they spew are the legacy of people not only addicted to pharmaceuticals but also addicted to being given all the answers of life without ever trying figure things out for themselves. So is a world ruled/governed/educated by (conservative) talk radio. For it is true, dear worst-reader, that without talk-radio–and a little help from The Gipper–there would be no welfare queens. But, again, I don’t want to get too far off subject. Obviously dirty uncle is dead. Long live prejudice and ignorance. In fact, the only smarts dirty uncle has is in his ability to either re-invent or encode the stuff he spews. Hence there is the problem of poor children suffering from lead poisoning–all because evil landlords that listen to too much talk radio are too greedy to replace poisonous lead paint in the slums they own. Some of these poor children are able to deal with their dilemma by suing and winning in court. This so angers the dirty uncles of #americant that they replace welfare queens with lead poison babies. And so. Instead of a state (governed by dirty uncles) making laws to limit the benefits of welfare queens, they make laws that benefit banks that can prey on lead poisoned babies who won a few lawsuits. Can you imagine what a sight it is to see a banker meeting with a lead poisoned person and getting that person to sign a contract where she turns over her won lawsuit after never even reading the contract! All of this because of the mindset that gave us “welfare queens” so long ago. These poor people, brain damaged by lead poisoning, who can barely read a letter–let alone understand a contract–fall prey to the tactics of dirty uncles. Only in #americant. Wow. Good luck suckers warding off your predator bankers and the predator dirty uncles running your show. Rant on. -tommi

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