May Um Save The Planet Um


tim christopher on bundy takeover.png

Seriously. I just dented my refrigerator. I hit it. Right out of the blue I hit my fridge as though it were taunting me, as though it were asking for it. Yes. That’s exactly what happened. It (my fridge) was taunting me like a sheep-lamb in hell that recites Milton’s Paradise lost and Redd Foxx‘s last stage show. And. Luckily. I’m almost sure. Hitting my fridge will not be part of tomorrow’s therapy session on anger management. Reason? If it wasn’t for the amount of times this guy (see link below, pic above) uses the filler-word “um” as he talks I wouldn’t have picked a fight with my refrigerator. He uses the filler-word “um” so much that I almost hit my wife’s new sewing machine. Why? Oh why? Oh well. What can I say? It’s not all as bad as it sounds. Or is it? No. It all justifies anger and the fact that I had to bleed-off that anger.

Um. Um. Um. Sentence. Um. Sentence. Um. Um. Sentence. Um. Etc.

And so. I thought. A simple frustrated swing will help me get over how (obviously) educated people use filler words. And this guy used um so many times that my head almost exploded. So I swung my left fist in the air. I don’t know what I was thinking at the time because um was everywhere. Swing here, swing there, swing lower, swing higher, swing chariot. And with a sudden jolt I felt my fist land. It landed right on the front aluminum door of my fridge. Now my fridge has what I like to call a dent. But at least my fridge doesn’t have the word um on it or in it anymore.

dented fridge.png

And by-the-bye, what this um-guy talks about is really, really cool. Save the planet um guy.

Rant on. -Tommi

Source: Tim DeChristopher on Bundy Takeover: Gov’t is More Afraid of Civil Disobedience Than Armed Militias | Democracy Now!