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Listening to comrade Wolff again. Luv this nutty professor. And that says a lot. Of all the teachers I’ve had in this (my) useless-eater life, few (if any) teachers have left an impression on me. And that’s an odd thing to admit if you consider the fact that by the time I was finished with college I had finally figured out what I wanted to do. Yeah. I wanted actually be one of them–one of the ones who fails to leave an impression on someone. Yeah, I thought, be a teacher and you can have three months out of the year off to smoke weed and maybe learn how to sail (a dinghy). Of course. Having been reared in #americant, in suburban hell, it didn’t matter that I knew what the future held. I knew it held what we have now. Boy do I feel sorry for teachers. What a bunch of shmucks. Talk about getting duped. Now they all have to work those off months in order to pay their (land)lords all those serfdom-fees. But I digress.

Today’s podcast, dear worst-reader, covers four things.

  1. Health Care, aka Obamacare
  2. Banking and Finance
  3. Pension looting
  4. Subsidizing Religion

Of the four issue covered by comrade/professor Wolff, the fourth is the funniest. That fact that #americants tolerate the free-ride given to “churches” (they don’t pay any tax) and yet can’t find ways to finance education says a lot. Obviously the other issues covered are funny, as well. But then again: the podcast featured has nothing to do with comedy. Or does it?

Listening to a winded professor try to explain to #americants what capitalism is–and more importantly how it’s failed everyone–just seems like such a mute issue that one can’t help but laugh/giggle. Or? Still. With that in mind, it’s fascinating how the professor does such a great job explaining it all. I suppose that’s due to his ability to be so obviously partisan. I don’t mean partisan in a Dem vs Repub way. He’s partisan in a truth vs lie way. And that should be a good thing. Well, I suppose it would be good if the professor didn’t come across as a comrade. But, again, I digress.

Hail the fourth international. Or maybe not.

At this point, I should probably provide a warning. Be careful if you listen to what the professor/comrade has to say. Or should I say: Danger Something Might Be Learned.

Rant on. -Tommi

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