Intercourse Anew Or How I See Mechanics Old

intercourse anew

A pic I took recently. Notice how the machine is perfectly aligned. (Short pause. Blink.) Except for the camera that reflects my mind. (No pause.) There are gears that intertwine. Perfectly they glide, common yet far and wide. If I had to I’d say, admit, where this pic comes from… This is the image that a white haired German gave me once. It is the image of his “tool”. Or maybe not. It could also be the image of his dinner table when extended before the middle plates are inserted. But I digress. I met that old f’n German just after the Berlin wall fell. And do you know what he told me? He told me tails of spending luxury nights in an Oklahoma prison camp in 1946 just after losing (the war) because Rommel gave up. And just before Rommel gave up he gave his troops some advice. Rommel said that the problem the western world is going to have is that it totally misunderstands intercourse. “Fucking!” he yelled with his twisted German accent to a bunch of German soldiers about to answer their fate to British troops. (So I guess he was giving them English lessons.) And then he continued: Everybody in the west these days thinks that the origin of it all comes out of what penetrates, what interjects, what collides and goes boom–disenfranchising that which is not wanted, that which is not profitable. But big bangs are nothing more than jokes that fail. And I tell these jokes that fail even before they are brought to paper or the microphone or the one attempting to rule the world. But. At least. None of that matters. Or. Nomatter. The image above, brought to you by a dead desert fox represents more than gears and tears. It represent the image of what should/could be: LOVE. Yes. What should/could be. And for those who wish to counter/dispute this claim (of mine and the old desert fox that taunted/taught it to me), all I can say is this: NO; I don’t publish pornography on this site so I can’t post a pic of what intercourse is to the many. Rant on. -tommi