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tommis iphone 6s

Warning: post is NSFW. §After reading article above and a few others on the same subject, I’ve concluded the following: Dear worst-consumer… you and your journalists don’t get it. An iPhone isn’t “bricked”. Instead, it’s controlled. It’s owned. It’s not yours. I mean, you don’t really believe in what is printed on your dollars or your purchase receipt, do you? Legal tender? Tender for/with what? §This isn’t an issue of privacy and/or government spying. This is instead an issue of consumption. Consumption run amok. Your iPhone breaks and you obviously can’t afford to buy another one. You then take it to some guy that will help you save some money getting it working again–because you already gave most of your money to Apple when they suckered you into buying it in the first place. The cool thing is, most of these devices are fixable at reasonable prices. The uncool thing is, Apple is founded and is run on the principles of assholes. With that in mind, let’s not shy away from reality. §Steve Jobs was an asshole. Being an asshole is the greatest legacy that he left behind. Obviously the iPhone is also part of his legacy–I guess a financially successful company is also part of it. But let’s not get to far off subject here. §As we see in the article above, Jobs’ asshole-ness still lingers among us. It is a hard thing to get rid of. But I think its (Apple’s) time has come (once again). §Please stop misreading the daily news, your daily life, the day. There is nothing out there in the ether of your consumption that is more dangerous than your consumption–which leads to misreading your daily news. It really doesn’t matter what Julian Assange says or what Glenn Greenwald publishes. The game has been rigged all along–by assholes. In fact, it’s been so rigged that the friggin’ govt. can’t even keep up anymore. The device in the article above (dare I say iPhone) was and always will be a device that is closed. It’s as closed as Steve Jobs’ asshole. In fact, the iPhone ain’t even the first device that Jobs made that was as closed as his asshole. Can you say: Macintosh? I will never forget the first Mac Classic I bought (yes, even though I was well into adulthood when I bought it, it took me till then to be able to afford it). Obviously I love Macs. The Mac is the single greatest glorified typewriter ever made. Heck, some even consider it the greatest über-pencil ever made. But let’s not get off subject (again). Steve Jobs was very clear with his intentions about selling and–and this is very important–controlling hardware. Jobs, although he never said this out loud, believed that the hardware you buy from Apple isn’t yours. The stuff you create with it can be yours–but the hardware belongs to Apple. That’s why Apple made computers that were/are all about closed eco-systems. Why should the iPhone be any different? But then again, if journalists miss the real issue, as is the case with the linked article (above), I suppose there is no reason for worst-consumers the world over to get lost in their miss-hate. Keep trying journalists–and I’ll keep up the useless blogging about the truth. Rant on. -tommi

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