The Tidyman, Casseroles And Early Dessert

tidyman don't litter

Remember how, if given the choice, children always reach for dessert before dinner? Remember how, when playing in the sandbox, there’s always a kid who will destroy your sandcastle just because he can? Remember when you got so made at the government for taking out so many taxes and giving you nothing back for it that you thought about killing EVERYBODY? Ok, that last one goes a bit far. But perhaps this worst-rant comes across anyway. No? Well, how ’bout this? We live in a sloppy casserole. What? Never had a sloppy casserole? Yes you have. In fact, you live in one. And just like a casserole, you also live in a mess. The only reason casseroles exist is so that lazy people can throw krapp into a pot and say they’ve cooked something when it’s done. Again. You live in one. But enough about casseroles. Let’s worst-write about Tidyman. Ever put any effort into figuring out why it is we have trash cans? No? Well, don’t worry. It’s really a no-brainer–once you figure out how to use your brain. Which brings me to the Supreme Court of the united mistakes of #americant. You know, say what you will about politics in the US these days–goodness knows the only thing good about it is the havoc The Donald is causing the Republican Party. Nomatter what happens with the election, the damage that the GOP has done to #americant over the past thirty or so years is probably irreversible. And part of that damage, IMHO, is what conservatives have done to the third branch of government which has conveniently decided recently to hear a case regarding the “rights” of corporations–before the case is ever heard in lower courts. Did you know that two liberal seats on the Supreme Court could be vacated during the next presidency? For this reason alone republicans should not have any majority power in national politics. But I digress. I was trying to talk about Tidyman and why it should not be a political issue whether or not we (all) clean up after ourselves. Here’s my thing about the whole climate change issue: clean up after yourself. That’s the only thing that needs to happen with all the krapp pumped into the air by greedy energy companies. Just clean up after yourself. If you can’t clean up after yourself than you should be made to do so by government. Just like you mom made you learn to clean your ass. Which means we’re back to the worst-thought about all the damage that republicans have done over the past thirty or so years. Good luck suckers. Rant on. -Tommi

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