This Article Is So Good I'm Willing To Give Up Oreos For Breakfast To Read It Again

Just kidding. I actually got more oreos and made another cup of earl grey to go along with second read of Matt Taibbi’s brilliant article. Things in this article that tickled me most:

  • Hunks of recent political history that #americants should know. (But then again, if we knew them we wouldn’t be #americant.)
  • Taibbi rips apart the Bush family and I can’t think of a family that deserves it more! Although Taibbi doesn’t go after those who voted for the Bush’s. Or does he? “Dinkley McBush.”
  • Making the comparison between Trump’s wrastling persona and the reality that #americants actually believe in wrestling means that Trump is the perfect presidential candidate for republican blue-collar voters.
  • The author mentions the German word backpfeifengesicht that is used by a psychologist when asked to describe Ted Cruz’s irritating face. It means: a face you want/need to slap.

Definitely worth a read once or twice along with worst-writer’s POV that Trump is what #americant has earned–not what it deserves.

Rant on. -Tommi

Source: How America Made Donald Trump Unstoppable | Rolling Stone