The World Should Be Thanking The(ir) Heavens For #thedonald–Or Maybe Not

earned the donald gop implode

First. Can The Donald really win a general election? If you think he’s worth comparing to whether or not Berry Obama could win when he announced back 2007, think again. There is no comparison. And even if The Donald were to win, would it be so bad? Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t want him to win the presidency. I do want him to win the republican primary, though. After what I’ve seen and read since his announcement to run, there is more to this guy than meets his infamous combover, his hate speech and his misogyny. The thing is, dear worst-reader, I’ve heard from The Donald ever since I was a kid. In fact, I’d go so far as to claim that The Donald that is stuck in the 70’s mindset is not far off from the batshit that raised me. Of course, the fact that this guy manages to get his kisser in the news regularly is nothing short of ingenious, to say the least. And what does he do to warrant such attention? Who knows and who cares. He is a businessman. And not just any businessman. He’s the first businessman to run for president of the united mistakes, baby. The Donald represents a part of America that is somewhat dark but not inherently evil. Up to now he gets press coverage because, well, he’s earned it–and so too has the GOP. Just have a look at TV, WWE and beauty pageants, etc. But so have many others earned it before The Donald. We joke and/or kill opinions with the likes of PT Barnum or Charles Ponzi, Bernie Madoff, and the ever present Mitt Romney, etc. by claiming that there are confidence men among us. But is The Donald really part of that club? Can he claim fame to taking advantage of a sucker being born every minute (PT Barnum) or conniving money out of naive investors (Ponzi; Madoff) or just plain suckering a country out of its valuable assets (Mitt)?  Whether clean cut or sloppy joe, these men are no different than those that came before them. And speaking of Mitt! One thing Mitt Romney got right the other night when he tried to condemn The Donald is that there is a confidence artist (conman) in our midst. If you really think about it, truly look beyond the pale, look underneath the veneer of #americant, one thing will be clear above all other things. America was built by conmen and even today it’s run by them. Whether snake oil salesman or religious fanatics or presidents and politicians or businessmen, #americant is a place of the con. In fact, when my grand united mistakes won the cold war (and I was on my way to expat shores because I saw the con of Reaganomics coming), and the Soviet Union was collapsing, Bush#1 told Boris Yeltsin, when Yeltsin asked about managing a free country (paraphrase & creative license): let the criminals have their way just not the whole way. In other words, Bush#1 told Boris Yeltsin to give the conmen rising out of the ashes of the failed soviet state free rein and then added: just don’t let them ever run the show. Hence, Authoritarian Russia has since returned thanks to Yeltsin’s prime choice of protege, Vladimir Putin, to its old ways where only a select few can have both the power and the business (the con). And so, all Russian conmen have been put in their place. If they didn’t accept their place then they were jailed or run out of the country. It’s no wonder that Putin has already come out to praise The Donald–or did The Donald praise Putin? Nomatter. The thing to keep in mind is that after all these years the end of the Cold War resulted in nothing but a world of conmen on the grandest scale ever. It is the only way to keep the human greed freak-show going. So now you must choose between conmen A or conmen B–one of which has a really funny head of hair. By the looks of all participants, The Donald showed up in the nick of time to offer the world a picture of the reality of the con. But is the world thankful? The worst-writer fact is, politicians, especially politicians of major economic powers, are nothing but conmen. For Mitt Romney, who espoused to a higher Mormon calling of public service after pillaging post industrial-age America of any remaining value (it’s the business model of his entire billion dollar career at Bain), to come out and be the pot that calls the kettle black…? But I digress. Btw, the only difference between conman aka The Donald or conman aka professional politician or goody-two-shoes Mitt, is the level of hurt and damage one has under his/her belt. It is clear that The Donald is a sullied, unsavoury character but he is also not a darling to the GOP and their war-mongering. There is no evidence, including his popular (hate) rhetoric, that he would do the same amount of damage to this world that, say, Dubya did to it in the name of the GOP. That may be a naive (although I hope it would also be provocative) claim but it is also a claim indicative of what the world is missing when it complains about The Donald. Could he really be any worse than world politicians of the past seventy years who have lead us to one war after the other in the name of greed, oil and more-more money? Comparing The Donald to Hitler or Mussolini is also preposterous because he’s not politically ideological–he’s just a businessman, not even a banker or a war mongering oil mogul. As far as his inheritance goes, just like his personal wealth claim, proper scrutiny would reveal a different reality. And then there’s his politics we know about so far. On the one hand he supports a minor government funded agency for women’s health care (planned parenthood) and on the other hand he rips the Bush family a new asshole by calling them out on their lies of wars-galore. Again. This is not a post to promote The Donald. I don’t want him anywhere near my child. But if one were to get to know the environment that reared him, that created him, one would also know that there is a big heart behind much of what his type is all about. I don’t know yet how to transcribe that type. It’s a New York, New Jersey or east coast thing, maybe. Or it’s just a down home 70’s thing that I grew up with/in. Yeah, some of these people are evil but I just don’t think The Donald is one of them, especially when compared to the likes of his contemporary dipshit Dubya Bush. I guess that says something about people that can just talk (New York) sh*t. Anywho. What’s clear is that governments must be creative in maintaining power, especially once a force is awakened or when two immovable objects meet. Enter the natural way of things and the inevitable rise of right wing batshittery that is the Republican Party, the GOP, the united mistakes of #americant that has so willingly given rise NOT to The Donald but to its true and ugly bigoted, racist face. And so. World! Don’t be afraid. The Donald can’t get elected president anyway and here’s why according to worst-writer. §The republican base is about 30m strong. That’s it. Doesn’t sound like much when you consider America has, depending on its mood swings, just over 100m people that actually vote. It is the 30m republican voters that keep faux newz and Limbaugh going and they are also the controllers of all media. This base doesn’t necessarily include blue collar workers–who are republican when their situation deems them to be. I call them other voters. It is a combination of the base and these other voters that enabled Dubya to be appointed by the Supreme Court (thanks to Scalia) in 2000. Keep in mind, these other voters are the ones that have shown their true face since Barry O’s election. They were just as angry in 2000 as they were in 2008, i.e. the Tea Party. The problem is, IMHO, these other voters have probably woken up to their stupidity and ignorance. Hence the rejection of tea-party bed wetters Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in this campaign. I mean, come on! Are these two guys the only thing the grand old party has to offer at this point? Seriously! But instead of admitting how stupid voters
are–that got them Cruz and Rubio–they instead channel their voting (anger) into a different kind of stupid. Enter WWE and TV personality Donald Trump. With that in mind, can The Donald win a general election with 30-40m voters that he’s splitting like a twig? I don’t think he can. But if he does, as usual, you don’t necessarily get what you deserve but you do get what you’ve earned. Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


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