Email From A Friend #260


13 May, 2016

Dear Tom:

Speaking of politics… This is old but it got under my skin:

But I can say, Ted Cruz is the most depressing little dwebe that has ever run for president… I am SO glad that guy was shut out, I don’t care who did it, but that guy would have been the worst president we could have ever had, but I doubt he would have won even if he got the Repub primary.

I loved what Boehner had to say about him! Haha that he was right about for sure. And I don’t doubt for a minute his father was a SOB to.

Tom, why are you not gonna sail around SE Asia first? Or will you not buy the boat till after your 3 years there in India?

I’m about to do the online test for becoming a bar manager at a strip club again… Not sure if I’ll pass but there is this thrill about taking a test at a bar where girls dance in nothing. The question that always gets me is if I can tell when someone has had enough to drink? Haha. 70% of the people I know here in Amerika are technically alcoholics so I think I can manage that one pretty good :-)

Your old friend

13 May, 2016

Dear Old Friend,

I’m always wishing you luck. Also, the worst dwebe in my book that ran for (vice) president was Dan Quayle. But why nitpick about those things, eh.

Not sure how much you’ve been following the primary season, but if you look at what got the likes of Ted Cruz (and Marco Rubio) elected in the first place, then you’ll know better than to just pick out a single guy to blame. Personally, I’m glad Bill Clinton met with Donald trump in early 2015 where he told him, for the sake of country, to turn the fucking republican nutbag party upside down. Trump has delivered on that. Now it’s up to America if it can deal with Trump’s reality show. Personally, I think America has earned The Donald! Of course, the real, underlying problem America faces is this: what made the likes of Cruz and other tea-baggers get elected in the first place? I followed how Marco Rubio got his Senate seat in Florida. Talk about disgusting! The republican that Rubio pushed out in the FL state primary even quite the repub party after that. But I think the problem is elsewhere. I mean, it’s not just in politics and/or elected officials. It’s much deeper. Or is it shallower?

The problem is all Americans in the last thirty years who thought they were “working” or earning a living have been living a lie. Americans are ALL to blame for the mess that is NOW. The fact that the tea party could come out of an already fucked up party which has its roots back to Reagan says everything about a nation/empire in decline. I mean, this is worse than just Rush Limbaugh or Faux Newz and conservative propaganda.

How collectively stupid can a country be?

Any American who believes that they worked and/or earned something in the past thirty years is so full of shit that it’s no wonder the whole country is now awash in that same shit. No one has done anything worthwhile in the US since the fucking 70s, man!—if that. And now all that’s left is a reality show starring Donald Trump?

Ha. Ha. Ha.

As far as what Boehner says or who/what Cruz really is, it’s too late to even ask. That Cruz got as far as he did means it is the true end of the American dream. He is supposed to be the politician but instead he’s a religious nutbag that truly believes in the second coming of a fictional character.

Speaking of dreams. The dream of a sail boat will most definitely not be possible while in landlocked Bangelore. The question is, will we go back to Europe/Germany after this or be sent to some other god forsaken place until my better half reaches a plateau in her career? Either way, before I’m sixty, if the circumstances are not too impeding, I might finally get my dream boat. I hope to dock it in Holland and sail from there. The big dream is to sail across the Atlantic before I pass. That would be cool.

Good luck with becoming a bar manager at this stage in your life. The good news is, as far as having lived/worked the American dream, you can choose to do these sort of things. The bad news is, if you’re doing it because you have to, just keep in mind that the service industry in the US is only tick better than being a slave. And at (y)our age I’m not sure that’s a good idear. Now. If you decided to buy/run your own bar, that’s another story. That could be fun.

Rant on old friend,