Afeared Or Confused? Don't Worry You're F*cked

Let’s run it down, shall we. This guy (video) appears at the republican (nut job) convention to announce that he’s gay and … wait for it … and he’s also a republican–that supports #Trump. And the freak show doesn’t stop there. He even has the gall to ask the question “who cares where someone goes to the bathroom” in a room full of people who know nothing else in their lives but who should go in what bathroom. Does that mean this guy doesn’t care who pees on him? Oh. But I digress. And get this (worst-thought). This person is a mega-venture capitalist from Silicon Valley that made billions while The Clintons were turning #americant (the 90s) into the corporate cesspool of dysfunction that it’s become. Yet he goes on stage at the republican national convention to do (t)his schtick. Confused yet? Don’t worry. If you’re someone that actually has the privilege these days of being able to work for you own portion of the economic pie of poverty just keep this in mind: since you’ve been fucked all along it doesn’t matter that you get fucked till the end of your days.

White male billionaire greed is the daffodil growing out of your unicorn rainbow sh*t life. Let us rejoice in what we have reaped.

Good luck suckers. Rant on.