Rich vs Rich

Some say there’s a difference between wealthy and rich. It has something to do with how you came to your money. In the end the words don’t matter. What does matter, though, is the result of the world’s greatest experiment in democracy playing the I can be rich and powerful and all-knowing and the centre of the universe card. Or maybe not.

As the freak show known as the presidential election makes the turn for the final stretch, The Donald has emerged as the shitbag leader of a whole bunch of shitbags. But is The Donald actually what he says he is? Does it even matter? I mean, he does have his own 757 jet. And almost everything he owns is laced in gold–to match his stuck-in-the-1970s comb-over. But I digress.

Enter stupid.

When it became clear to worstwriter that The Donald was actually gonna clinch the RNC nomination I started to worry about one thing. Does this mean that there will finally be a civil war among the shitbags. Oh! Wait. What are the shitbags? Well, dear worst-reader, I’m glad you asked. The shitbags are the people in #americant that own everything. Of course, they don’t own everything because they earned it. No. They own everything because…

  1. They inherited it (i.e. their grandparents earned it)
  2. They conned someone to get it
  3. The pöbel gave it to them because, well, the first rule of flight club is that you believe you too can be rich so you act accordingly–which always keeps the money in one place and one place only.

But before I get too far off subject. I want to blog about the scariest part of the DNC series of Hey Stupid People Listen Up speeches. As good as Michelle Obama’s speech was, as emotional as Khizr Khan’s speech was, as hot as Katy Perry is, the only speech that stood out in my worst-mind was the one by Bloomberg. Why? Well, it’s simple. There is rich and then there is rich.

Remember, dear worst-reader, #americant is what it is not because of rich people but instead because of poor people believing they too can be rich–and the poor act accordingly. And while that game is played there are structures to control those who THINK they are in the game. For those who work for a living and get by this is called neo-feudalism. For those that live to work and succeed at the game of musical chairs of the corporate world, this is fascism. For those that don’t give a fuck–it’s #americant. But, again, I digress.

Donald Trump is not in the (rich) game. This is the reason Bloomberg–an Independent!!!–spoke at the DNC. In fact, the likes of Bloomberg is Trump’s biggest hurdle to getting elected POTUS in November. Trump is simply not in the(ir) game. He may have money but he’s far from being one of them. But you gotta give the guy credit. He’s certainly trying to be in the game. Which is probably what makes him so appealing to so many stupid people. With that in mind, do you feel bad for him and his freak-show yet?

Michael Bloomberg’s speech (see vid above) was the scariest part of not just the DNC but also the RNC–and all of #americant. Bloomberg is the kind of rich that controls everything. Trump is the kind of rich that entertains everything. #Americant. Are these factions of rich colliding? Probably not. But to listen to the freak-show of Bloomberg preach to the choir of stupidity of Trump was an amazing spectacle–especially since it was done by the Democrats. Oh well. As usual, good luck suckers. And…

Rant on.


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