Saga Puke Of #Americant Dumbed Voices Continues, But I'll See The Film Anyway Eventually

Scream no fear all worst

Sometimes I (worst)wonder about the voice(s) that raised me. Obviously I didn’t listen much to them, yet they somehow were able to embed in the depths of the 90% brain that’s used so little. Have the 20+ yrs in #Eurowasteland brought about those distant voices? Has the trauma of expatriate-ism dis-embedded those voices? Not sure. But every time I spend a thought or three on Edward Snowden, I can’t help but think of the influencing voices that make up who and what we all are.

Who raised you, mother f*cker?

I’m looking forward to seeing Oliver Stone’s new movie about Snowden. Of course, due to the greed pricing of corporatists who rule digital downloads–or theatrical premiers–it’ll most likely take me six or so months before I get to the movie–via iTunes or reduced-price DVD–which I rip to my digital movie library–end thought.

So I guess, in a way, there’s no need in reading or watching clips of the #Snowden movi– even though I like the way Stone disses on his (beloved) country all the time.

With that in mind, along with all the other worst-posts I’ve published about Snowden, I still have one question that I need answered about who and what this guy is (all about)…

What are the voices that raised, reared, made him?

I’ll bet you my last dollar-bill that he was raised (i.e. the voices that spoke too loudly to him directly after his birth) by the bat-shittery-machine that has kept the GOP and the republican party and conservatives running the greed show that is #Americant. I’ll bet anyone that his father is a republican or one of those coward “libertarians” who used to be a republican, his mother is a faux-newz die-hard nutbag, his aunts and uncles are all the nightmares that thinking people the world over dream about during their Thanksgiving dinner sleep-overs and wake up in the middle of the night not from over-eating but from too much bullsh*t that is the dumbed-down of a fail-upward nation.

Of course, criticising Snowden while many in the world are trying to turn him into a hero or, at best, a new & improved Daniel Ellsberg, probably means that I have to have a bit more substance to what I’m saying. But then again, if I had substance then I wouldn’t be publishing on this krappy blog, now would I?


It’s ok that Snowden did what he did. I don’t even care that there are people out there trying to turn him into a hero. I mean, it’s perfectly fine that he released to the world stolen material that, ultimately, is about the HOW and not the WHAT regarding government over-reach. The thing is, I worked (many years ago) for the same company where Snowden was a contractor. And get this!

There is no doubt in my mind that if/when a sensitive young man, reared by the evil lust voices of #Americant political ideology post Cold War, is forced to confront the personalities that work at a shit-hole that is a company like Booz Allen (or any company that works so close to such an ideological government apparatus), it is only inevitable that s/he at some point breaks down. In this case, Snowden’s break-down manifested in self aggrandisement and atypical #Americant delusions of grandeur.

Or maybe not.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.