Adieu Democrats Or How I Know I'm Smarter Than #Hillary


Well, dear worst-reader, obviously I’m not smarter than Hillary Rodham Clinton. But does that matter at this point? It most certainly does not.

I suppose there is no better subject to tackle after a two-month hiatus of worst-writing and an incredible 18 month long batshit election. And so…

I tried.

I’ve really tried.

I have tried to believe and I have tried to have faith. I have fought the good fight of defending my heritage nomatter where my expat travels have taken me. Here’s just a sample of what I’ve dealt with in the name of Truth, Justice and the American way of consuming-to-survive.

  • From an Indian landlord in India: “You’re not a republican are you?”
  • From a French sailor in Mauritius: “What’s with your lust for war?”
  • From a Thai hotel manager in Bangkok: “What’s it like to have a black president?”
  • From an Egyptian customs officer in Cairo: “Your country is stupid.”
  • From a Austrian teenager in Frankfurt: “You’re a fascist.”

As all things in life must come to pass, e.g. an attempt to grow, mature, get smart, be true to women (or partner or donkey, etc.), we must also detach. Yes. Detach. Like a word of the day. Detach from all the above. From all that is above you–you working schmuck. Even though in this election year I was a bit more detached than usual–for it has been yet another very hectic and trying year–I don’t mind saying that maybe it’s finally time for something more than detachment. Wait.

I’m too old for this shit. And you now what else? I’m too fcuking smart for this shit, too. And I’m also fcuking tired of defending a level of ignorance that is not worth defending (see bullet list above). Or maybe not.

See. Here’s the thing. I’m starting to think that ignorance, at certain moments, is worth defending. We all do stupid shit, right? Like, for example, voting. Even though I’ll remain a wannabe political liberal-hippie at heart who always got a kick out of voting, it’s easy to see post 2016 election that voting and ignorance might just outweigh voting and smart.

Let me just put it out there:

I’m no longer a card carrying member of the Democratic party of America. (Oh! Sorry. #Americant!)

Somehow being a Democrat-Expat kept me attached to the place I wish I could return. As of last night I used to be on Democrats Abroad’s email list. Heck, I even went to a Democrats Abroad meeting once (many years ago). In all these years abroad this little political attachment to The Homeland has been the only sense of rational political thought that kept me somehow sane when confronted in foreign lands about my brutality, my vulgarity, the murdering greed-lust of my nation-state birth place. Indeed. After this election, as so many ponder and wonder, detaching ain’t such a bad idear. But, again, detach from what… exactly?

I’ll be the first to admit that I live a life of illusion and from that illusion, this day forth, I rid myself of the likes of the illusion of Hillary Rodham Clinton. In other words, I refuse to let my illusion become (Her?) delusion.

Oh how I wanted her to be president.

Oh how I wanted a woman to finally run the show.

Oh how I hate a world run by stupid, vulgar, war lusting, hate-filled, comb-over, stupid, really stupid, white men. I hated it all because I was under the illusion that She was the smartest person in the room. Yet even as Clinton’s qualifications were a spectacle, those qualifications must run-off and hide now. Smart, obviously, has nothing to do with it. For it is high time that Her Smarts find a place in a dark closet of a dark museum of our/a dark #americant history. That she played this game and lost so thoroughly has to be the most astonishing political event in the history of (our?) democracy. I mean. Come on. Proof is in the pudding of how “smart” she is and how the Democratic party so arrogantly refused to heed the call of the wild that gave us a viable alternative to Donald Trump. She didn’t just lose this election. She beat Bernie–she beat him and his ideas to a pudding-pulp. Or am I the only one to feel this way–as a former Democrat? That someone as smart as me couldn’t see through how arrogant and lustful and, probably, spiteful Hillary Rodham Clinton really is, is OK. What’s expected of little ole’me–who left the country I love so much 25 yrs ago?


Hillary and the Democratic party have given #americant The Donald. A lot of people out there are thankful for that. I’m sure, at the least, Bernie Sanders will be thankful for it come 2020–if, by then, he’s healthy enough to run at the ripe age of 79 for president. But I suppose that’s neither here nor there now. For this is where I now know that I’m smarter than Hillary and all those mechanical, robot suckers that fell for her shit. And so. I quit this fcuking political party. As good as it was that dipshit-Dubya gave us Obama, Hillary and her Democrats have cock-blocked Obama and thereby given us The Donald. While #americants whine and dine and weep and falsely protest till January 20, 2017, about this true and fair election, heed this:

Welcome to your delusion.

I have never respected an election like I respect this one. Popular vote here or there. Hillary has lost more than just the electoral college–which was setup for exactly this reason.In fact, I have to hand it to republicans. Is this there payback for the respect they didn’t earn for their 2000 election? Oh, you spiteful powerful conservative, neocon, republican… monster.

Yeah, think about it.

Republicans are and have been the smartest person in the room for the last (insert number) years. OYG! Look at a 2016 electoral map. Look what the republicans achieved. Take California out and Hillary would have lost the popular vote by tens of millions of votes. For that, I thank the United States Constitution and the electoral college! No over populated state should decide an election for the entire country. Could Hillary not see this coming by prancing around a stage in Philadelphia instead of meeting Deplorables in Oklahoma or Wisconsin or or or? And she even lost Pennsylvania! What! Did no one on her staff know that PA is right in the middle of Alabama and Georgia? (Sorry. That’s part of an old joke that I’ve long since forgotten.)

With that in mind, Hillary should go far, far away now. And she should take all her minions with her–especially her dirt-bag husband (who I used to like) who also, obviously, couldn’t see what they were all really doing. The red-states, as ugly and ignorant and redneck as they are, are not deplorable. Thank you red-states for renewing my faith in the Constitution. At least they’ve renewed it till the delusion of January 20, 2017, sets in.

I will forever miss the America of yore. And I’m not happy that I got out in time.

Good luck suckers.

Rant on.


PS Don’t worry dear worst-reader. I’m not going to become a card carrying Republican. For me, right now, enough of #americant politburo politics.