Of the few people I wish I could have met. Or. At 12 I learned the Bible story of Goliath v Comrade David

Due to broken family relations, I attended a few bible study classes in my early years. At the time, while sitting in the back of the class, I didn’t think much of it. According to my mother, I had to go, I was paying my time. In later years recollection of those classes both haunts and fascinates me. For one, it was Catholic bible study. Second, I’m not Catholic. But that’s neither here nor there. The thing is, I probably have retained more from a year or two of Bible study class than I have from twelve years of  state-forced parochial schooling–except for typing class in High School–not to mention the fact that to even get through the whole Sunday church thing, I spent more time reading the Bible so I didn’t have to listen to the preacher, the chorus, or the prayer followed by money collecting. One of the things I will never forget from those years of attending church was how Mrs. Ricardo, a regular Bible study teacher, told the class how much she hated Fidel Castro and that if we followed God and America we could then help in ending his rule of “my” people. When she said Castro’s name, I lifted my head form the doodles I was making on the desk. I’ve heard of that guy, I thought to myself. He was on the news a lot back then. Something about being America’s nemesis only a short swim away from Florida. And then there was the whole communist thing. Yeah, when I was young, communists were as evil as the devil. Or maybe communists were the devil. Nomatter. Needless to say that Mrs. Ricardo was a beloved Bible study teacher and she talked just like Ricky Ricardo on the I Love Lucy Show. Oh well.

Link that motivated this tweet: Castro Dead. RIP. | WorldPost

Rant on. -t

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