Problems With The World Today, How You Know It’s So And How To Save $5 And Look Cool Doing It If You’re Smart


Obviously it’s hard to see. Reason? Sight. It’s really that simple. Sight is not the ability to see.

But see what, dear worst-writer?

Well. Let me tell you, dear worst-reader.

While walking Beckett the Killer Pug this afternoon, I came across something that I see all the time. In fact, I see it without sight. And each time I see it I say to myself, wow, how can that be? In this case, I passed a new Smart car and I took sight.

Just look at that new Smart car!

It has drum brakes at the rear…

Drum brakes? Ok. Ok. I’m sure some über-edumacated #eurowasteland engineer might have suggested to the corporate automaton management team at Smart (or is it Mercedes?) that only modern brakes should be installed on this little piece of krapp pseudo-car. But as we all know, the automaton management of said company always wins this type of… idealistic discussion? The fact that disc brakes are much more expensive than drum brakes goes without saying. And what about the issue of archaic governmental regulations that hold back a company like Smart from having a car with only two brakes instead of four? Indeed. Drum brakes are still being used in many automobiles these days. Which brings me to the following worst-question:

Why not just forgo brakes on the rear of this car? Not only would that LOOK cool but it would BE cool.

At the least, forgoing brakes on the rear wheels would save weight and money. Speaking of money–i.e. the god whom all prey to. I wonder if drum brakes still cost something like $5 to make. Yes. That’s what they cost twenty years ago when I was a research analyst working for the German car industry and someone suggested–even back then to get rid of drum brakes on all cars. Twenty years ago. I wonder what is going to be the drum-brake of the iPhone in ten years.

Rant on.


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