Apple Confusion Galore

apple corporate confusion galore.jpg

No. Seriously. Are you kidding me, Apple? I know. I know. You and Johnny Ives (or however you spell his/her first name) are all about what Steve (the fcuk-head) Jobs created. But the problem is, you arseholes are losing your sh*t. Why? Your new MacBook Pros suck bat-balls. No. Seriously. You guys suck so bad when it comes to making computer hardware these days that I’m actually considering buying an old Thinkpad X220. And if I do get one I’m gonna install f’n linux on it. And you know what is helping me go that route? I’ve recently read that Apple is stopping its production of routers. Whaaaaaaa! I love Airport devices. I have f’n three of them. They work great. Come on Apple.

But I digress.

First things first. I have an iPhone 6s. I bought this piece of krapp phone technology while visiting my beloved #americant last year. I thought: if you’re gonna fly into PHL you might as well take advantage of DE’s tax-free consume-to-survive zone. Am I impressed with the iPhone. F-no! Do I need a “internet communication device”? F-yes. So I figure, if I’m gonna have one of these corpo things, might as well be…

You get my drift, right dear worst-reader?

So I get this weird email from Apple about my iPhone’s battery the other day. Being the smart-a*s I am, I don’t follow the link supplied by the email. Instead. I check out Apple’s website and do a search here or there. And what do I find? There is, indeed, a battery situation with the/my iPhone 6s battery.

And what happens when I submit my iPhone 6s serial number? See pic above.

But what is the problem? Well, according to the second dash, THEIR records show that my battery has already been replaced. Or has it? Do I have to check with Apple? Indeed. Apple.  The new god(less) of money corpos. The grand, über profitable (for now) sh*tbag company.

And I keep buying their stuff. (Spank me.)

Why? Oh Why.

Rant on.


PS BTW Apple has never replaced my battery. F’you Apple. F’you Johnny Ives and take your LSD sucking Jobs with you to hell. Or. Enjoy life among the über-percent.

One thought on “Apple Confusion Galore

  1. I can’t stand Apple’s products. I haven’t been happy with their corporate trip since they instituted the closed architecture on the original Macs. By comparison, the Apple IIe was a lovely machine that one could tinker with to make it do just about anything. My wife has an Iphone. When it works, it is okay. When it has problems (and it had problems new out of the box), getting it fixed was like going to a developing world country called Apple. A drone mentality from start to finish.

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