Pumpernickel Love Life Or The Best Ever Name For Bread


Not sure if I never noticed it. Or. How could I have missed it? Check out the marketing on the packaging of this bread I bought the other day. Hello! College edumacated grads the world over take notice of your useless work. And while you do so, what’s up with the love making couple on the cover of my pumpernickel? Or are the marketers of the bread simply trying to point out a way that couples can deal with the result of having too much it? Too much of the bread.


Pumpernickel literally means flatulence-bread. According to sources, the name of this dark bread was coined by Napoleon while he had his way with Westphalia ladies during his many stops in Germania. It’s said that, although Napoleon liked the taste of the bread, once he started passing gas after consuming it, he thought that it would be better food for his horses. One of his horses was named Nickel.

But I digress.

Rant on.


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