Backward When Your Forward Is No More Or How Old Might Become New

The rubiks cube is the same as when I gave up on trying to solve it ca. 1987.

Like a previous post, the digitalisation of (worst-moi’s) life continues. As usual, though, at this time of year, the mystical holiday season threw me for a loop.

But what could throw worst-writer for a loop, you ask.

How about the physics (the E=MC2 stuff) of Santa being able to actually deliver all those presents to the world in one night. If he was able to do it, would he survive? Which rings another question: does mystery require survival? Nomatter.

Although I was able to finish scanning a bunch of old notebooks before the big day, I haven’t been able to scan anything sense. I guess the time off of my better-half means that she gets first dibs on the new scanner during her seasonal and obligatory end of year use of remaining vacation time. With that in mind, the pic above is the end of my black & white collection of old school notebooks. That’s right, dear worst-reader. I literally ripped twenty year old notebooks apart trying to get scannable pages out from under the confines of those heavy covers and knitted bindings. At the least, my hat is off to Fujitsu for making a very useable scanner. With only a few adjustments to the software it scanned every old page front and back. Now to get it all in this blog.

Rant on.


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