Why there is no Elon Musk or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, etc., in #Germany

Link: Could Frankfurt become the new Berlin for startups | The Local

The confusion continues. With the insertion of (fill # here) refugees into an already dysfunctional social-market-economy (Germany’s newspeak for its politburo, pseudo-communist status) there’s little room for anyone in an already bursting-at-seams country (unless, of course, you’re a PHD totting white German). But let’s skip the old talk about Elbogen (elbow room) since we all know where that lead. Instead lets have a laugh at the idear that yet another German city could become a technology hub. As far as I can remember… (sarcasm on) the tech hub cities so far have been (not necessarily in this order):

  1. Darmstadt
  2. Munich
  3. Berlin
  4. And now Frankfurt (sarcasm off)?

Keep in mind, and according to the article linked above, Frankfurt is already a business hub–for banks. But since #americant’s president-elect owes Deutsche Bank something like 300m Euros–which might not be “peanuts” anymore–it’s only logical that the country has plenty of cities where the ills of negative creativity reign free and can prosper. And besides, Germany doesn’t need hub-cities where industry can promulgate. No. All it needs to cure its ills is to kill the families that own all the 19th century industry that’s been sucking the life out of everything, always. And while you’re killing all those useless, greed-monger families, kill all the senior and junior corporate executives that keep those useless families buying their yachts and whatnot.

Or maybe not.

Rant on.


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