Fake News. Deplorables. Botched Robbery. Rational Thought. A 4:30am Botched Unsolved Murder.

The thing that’s been bugging me most since the presidential election goes beyond the commitment of #americant to continue along its path of batshit conservative politics. I’ve been seriously trying to figure out how the DNC and the Clintons totally underestimated political conservatism. Putting all the republican party trickery aside, i.e. gerrymandering congressional districts, the power of talk radio, full spectrum legislative blocking, etc., why didn’t Hillary figure out that it would be to her advantage to embrace not just Bernie but to not turn him into such a lavish opponent? I know. I know. By the time the election rolled around Bernie and Hillary seemed to have found each other. But to my worst-mind, it was too little, too late. Which begs the question: After all those debates with Bernie, why didn’t Hillary seek him out as her vice president–especially considering who she ended up choosing? Having Bernie attend a few DNC gatherings before the election seemed to only galvanise the hate liberal minded people had for Hillary–which I can only assume comes from the republican conservative monster-machine that has corroded the collective mind of #americant. Hillary Clinton, to me, turned out to be a very, very bad person by the time it was all over. And that’s a shame because I always liked her. I guess the real problem is that an entire country’s mind has been so profoundly corrupted, brainwashed, filled with talk-radio batsh*t, that it will never be enough if a liberal candidate shows herself as though she were (still) stuck in the campaign of her husband 1991-92. And. So. Here we are. As much as I found appreciation for dipsh*t Dubya Bush because he gave us Barry-O, I despise Hillary & Bill because they gave us #Trump. The damage is indeed done and I fear that’s it. It’s over & out. For the rest of my life there’s no place for moving politics to the left. That, to me, was the answer for America and her grand future. And so. I want to try and forget the recent election. I’ve ripped up my Democrat party card. I’m probably never gonna vote again and even the more distant dream of someday returning to live in America is gone. Conservatives have won. It’s yours. Keep it. Try not to choke on it. But before I get too far off subject. I consider myself a rational thinking person. Stuff like fake news doesn’t bother me because, well, I’m rational. Did the Russians and/or Putin influence the election and thereby cause Trump’s victory with either fake news or hacking? Again. Rational thought wins. Trump won because so many people hated Hillary and then acted accordingly at the voting booth or just stayed home and didn’t bother voting because, well, there was no one they could vote for. And then there’s Hillary’s “deplorable” comment. Why was I more offended by her saying that than I was offended by Mitt Romney’s 48%? Oh my. Fake news. Putin. Deplorables. From whence has it all come? But you know what, dear worst-reader? All of that pales at the story I’m linking to below. Like I said. I’m pretty sure I’m a rational thinking human being. No one can sell me tonic water to make my hair grow back. Nor can anyone make me buy beans when I’m supposed to buy groceries. I get the whole “sucker born every minute” concept that made a country. But the story below really gets to me. A young man working for the DNC in DC is brutally murdered and no one can explain it. The killer hasn’t been found and the only motivation that reporters can come up with is that maybe it was a botched robbery. Don’t get me wrong. I grew up in and around the Washington DC area. I have  an old friend back home that suffered because of the brutality and ignorance of poverty and guns in America. But there’s something else about this kid’s murder that needs to be explained. Oh what am I saying? It was just a murder and he was in the wrong place at the wrong time where guns and hate mix like the ingredients of a meal no one can eat. Oh wait. There’s still fake news. Such as how did all of those DNC emails get to Wikileaks? A hack? Someone, somewhere, broke into DNC email servers? Or did someone, somewhere simply fill up a USB stick and then send that off to Wikileaks so that the world can see the really, really awful emails that showed how the elites and the wannabe elites of the DNC really are?

Rant on.


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One thought on “Fake News. Deplorables. Botched Robbery. Rational Thought. A 4:30am Botched Unsolved Murder.

  1. Ach, Herr Tommi ! (Disclaimer: neither candidate particularly impressed me). But, yeah, the Democrats. It is not so much a question of where they got it wrong, but “let me count the ways” — errors, plural.

    Being a proud son of “deplorables” America, I naturally found that remark brimming with contempt. But more than that, it was a clarion signal identifying a problem with both sides of the political establishment, and the ‘elites’ in general: the decades after the Big War saw the destruction of wide swaths of the American economy and the decline of entire regions. Cultural and economic islands like Appalachia withered away; or rather, receded to nothing in the rear view mirrors of the limousines that the rich and privileged were riding in. Decade after decade after decade, that went on. There was a festering pool of resentment ‘out there’, and unlike Hillary, Trump and his people had a strategy for winning. Dropping a tap hose into the festering pool proved a winning technique — bearing in mind that ‘winning’ had everything to do with electoral college votes.

    The Dems, by contrast, seemed to seek a strategy for losing. It is a wonderful ideal, seemingly backed by population statistics, that a woman should finally become the POTUS. But, reality remains a witch … in this case, the hard truth that, compared to men in politics, there are relatively few women among them. By deciding the candidate had to be a woman, the Dems from the start dramatically shrank their pool of talent to choose from … and pretty much made certainly the only male challenger to Hillary’s run would be pushed out of the contest, as the Germans say, so oder so. Perhaps Bernie is fortunate that he chose to quit when he did. I am skeptical of the Dem’s strategy to mobilize support from minorities. Unlike many of the upper-level Dems, I have spent years working cheek-by-jowl with American minorities. And some of them have remarkably conservative cultures — cultures steeped in religion and machismo — not exactly natural elements to smoothly blend into a party promoting a “progressive” (as it is defined politically) agenda.

    Then there were the multiple failures of empathy and various bits of psychological dysfunction. If the Dems wish to survive at all, they have to immediately be rid of the self-consuming notion that they are the good guys. They are not. Not that they are the bad guys … but, really, they’re just another group in the political spectrum. It is this absurd belief that is fueling so much of wailing and outrage they have demonstrated since their loss … time that would have been better spent getting down to serious reorganization of their party and determination of a disciplined and no-kidding plan on how to operate as political opposition, and, to gradually regain their presence in the realm of high political offices. IMO, the Dem rank-and-file deserves a lot more than they’re getting from their “leadership”.

    But what do I know. Like you, I have made my residence in the wider world.


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