Fascism: The New Rainbow Coalition


So I’m sitting at a bar, nursing an Obstler. I can’t figure out if my drink tastes like peach or pears. And that really confuses me when I’m on one of them special self-medicating evenings. Btw, for the longest time when I was a child I never really understood the difference between peaches and pears. Of course, obviously, both look different and they even taste different, but to me, while youthfully contemplating fruit, there was so much more of a difference between pears and oranges that trying to figure peaches and pears was just too much. Which brings me back to the subject at hand–i.e. steering gallantly away from my subpar intellectual youth. And so. Like I said. While nursing a drink at a local pub a man and a woman near me were arguing about politics. And not just any politics. They were arguing about grabbing pussy-politics, i.e. fascism–which means, in short, they were talking about my beloved #Americant. The thing that made the argument interesting to my ears, though, was the fact that the woman was defending #Trump. According to emancipated-slash-feminist Euro-babes, Trump’s boy-talk while exiting a bus wasn’t such a big deal. Obviously it’s gonna take #Eurwastelanders a bit longer to get over Trumpism and I suppose many a pub, bar, kneipe, drinking dump will see conversations like this one en masse. Or maybe not. Which is fine by me on account these confused, tribal people (Eurowastelanders) are a hoot to behold while they discuss pussy-politics. Seriously. Europeans are clueless to politics these days, especially real politics. (For those who get it… pun intended!) Seriously. The only thing Europeans can do is buy stuff, pay taxes and take in war torn refugees because of wars of oil, etc. Anywho–before I get too far off subject yet again…

Almost finished with my drink and about to pay, the man next to me who was gayly arguing with his counterpart reached around and said to me: can you define fascism?

How do you know I’m American, I said to him.

He then pointed to the bartender to give me another drink–on him. Not one to refuse the kindness of strangers, I gulped down the remainder of my drink and had a long look at the woman my new friend was drinking and arguing with. I said to myself: I’d have a gooh with that philly.

My new drink arrived. Obviously my benefactor was a friend of the bartender because the drink was definitely a double. I took a sip, stopped goo-goo eying the mans arguing counterpart and then said: are you sure you want to talk to me about this stuff? Besides, I continued, Europeans don’t know politics anymore. It’s been kinda beat out of you, don’t you know. Except, of course, maybe the French. Yeah, the French know politics a bit. But you Germans… (gulp, gulp, gulp; the Obstler was starting to have an effect.)

Fascists are just authoritarian capitalist, right, the woman said.

No, they are political extremist, racists, bigots, they are the riffraff that behave in any manor that would facilitate their day-dream of rags to riches, my Obstler benefactor said.

As the only American in the room, it was time I took control.

Well, my fellow comrades, Freunde, federalists, I’ve actually given Fascism a thought or three during my years as an expat on the continent. Without turning over all the rocks we’ve politically lined our shores with (from under which rare jumping oysters thrive), allow me to put it this way. It’s really quite simple. Fascism is nothing more than a political answer to communism. If you want to define fascism you can read all the scholarly and academic writings about it or you can just look up communism, then try to understand what went on in the former Soviet Union, and what’s now going on in China and North Korea, among other countries, and then simply find the polar opposite.

The polar opposite, the woman asked.

Well, almost the polar opposite I said taking another swig from my Obstler. Let me put it another simple way. Fascism is the answer to post 1917 communism. There would be no fascism without communism. Communism came first, never forget that. Fascism is the only way for capitalists to save their own greed souls when humans turn to social collectives. What we have now with America’s new Trumpism is simply another colour, another version of Fascisms many faces–or as an old friend of my mine once called it: the rainbow coalition of greed mongers.

My phone. My editor from LA was calling. So I gulped my drinking benefactors drink, smiled at the Euro-babe he was arguing with and left.

Not a moment too soon.

Rant on.


One thought on “Fascism: The New Rainbow Coalition

  1. My experience with Europeans in general, and Germans in particular, is that they can argue in such a way that it sounds as if they have all the bases covered to a “t”. Unless one knows the troubling questions to ask, which are usually dismissed out of hand, evaded by a change of topic, or replied to by accusations of one kind or another. I learned early on that going into a discussion with the attitude of , “well, I might be mistaken” was a serious error. Germans took that as a license to attempt to alter one’s attitudes on just about everything.

    More troubling was the realization (IMO) that the German mea culpa for Nazism and the Big War was not all that the Bundesrepublik played it up to be. To be sure, the German -federal government- can be counted on to regularly state they know mistakes were made and that they have learned from the experience. Yet, the more I spoke with people on the street, the more I found that the official pronouncements didn’t reflect the reality of the streets very well.

    Unfortunately, the power plays of unified Germany haven’t been reassuring. Between reorganizing the EU to become an instrument of German economic and political policy (perhaps inevitable given Germany’s economic strength), hammering the Greeks for having a Greek attitude about finances, and using the EU to harass EU members whose national policies might interfere with German economic productivity (as well as the entire austerity disaster that has no end in sight) … I have to conclude the twin terrors of seventy years ago, Panzers and Stukas, have been traded for the twins of economic control and influence via control of media firms.

    Perhaps I am a bit paranoid. My family and my wife’s family suffered handsomely during the last round of German attempts to militarily control Europe. I suppose I believe there is still just too much of the authoritarian police state in Germany to trust the Germans with too much influence and control over the breadth of Europe. Ja, ja, one is not supposed to bring up such topics in polite conversation …

    But I babble here for a reason, long-winded though it is. IMO, the German national leadership very much underestimates the challenge posed by populism, AfD, etc. The situation reminds me of the US Democratic Party prior to the presidential election. Sometimes … the black swans descend. Are German, and European, democratic institutions, ready for that ? I lack confidence that they are. And that spells big trouble for Europe.

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