What’s Under The Bus You’ve Been Thrown?

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As my beloved #americant waddles in the ease and comfort of blissful ignorance and the gayety of dysfunction, I’ve spent most of this day continuing my research as an expatriate in finding methodologies of distraction and systems of self medication. For example, tonight I’m due with my better half to visit a place that is gonna teach me about cooking steak. When I questioned Fräulein Betterhalf if she was trying to tell me something, aka trying to say that she didn’t like the way I cooked her steaks, she replied: no, silly, this is your birthday present. Oh, I thought, unhappily. Nomatter. While walking Beckett the Killer Pug this afternoon I came across the concept of The Overton Window while watching barges fight for position in the over crowded Rhine River. How I got to that deserves a few worst-words. A few days ago I was thinking about the idear of Eugenics. This coincided with a conversation I got caught up in with knuckle draggers aka neo-nazis a few days prior to that. When one of the neo-nazis found out I was American he turned to me and asked if I ever slept with an American black girl. Why American, I asked him. Because I think I could go for one of them, he replied. How so, du Arsch, one of his comrades said. Because they’re all mostly white anyways. It’s only a matter of time before we get the black out of them. Have you seen that Beyonce Weib! Nomatter. Beyond the reality of how some neo-nazis make fun of me, one thought entered my mind after that encounter. Of all human races only the white race still contains the gene of the extinct Neanderthal. Hence the knuckle dragging syndrome we all must live with in this day of corporatism, cronyism and government run amok. This could be the reason, I fashioned, that the western world is so batsh*t right now. White people are simply incapable of getting rid of the nasty gene that nature deemed unsuitable. Yet somehow it’s hung on. Nomatter. Ultimately, river barges, stupid white people and dog walking got me thinking whether or not Eugenics and the Overton Window have something in common. Guess what? They do. Both of these idears fit perfectly into the batsh*t that is the reason why humanity is so fcuked. That is, they both are social science constructs that are born out of political agendas. As humanity had to face the reality of enlightenment, i.e. people acquiring the ability to think for themselves, those who had, for whatever reason, i.e. monarchies, cronies, pawns, etc., reached positions in society that put them above others, had also to come to terms with humanity not wanting to drag its knuckles anymore. Perhaps some of this was clarified in the 18th, 19th and 20th century with the owners of the world being forced to move their politics to the left of the political spectrum and thereby allowing people to live their own lives. As hard as it is for me to take the bullsh*t of Eugenics seriously, it pains me even more to think that there are those out there who still do. In fact, Richard Dawkins is kinda pushing for it to return to the public domain because, he seems to think, the Nazis aren’t around anymore to misuse it. My problem is, idears like Eugenics and the Overton Window are nothing more than ways & means whereby those in the Above are able to control those in the Below. In other words, science and method are used as weapons of oppression and control. Nothing new there, eh! A world of Haves and Have-Mores, it seems, can only resort to repeating history because, well, knuckle draggers seem to like the neanderthal gene that the powers-that-be can wield at will. How else can one explain Faux Newz, the republican party, etc.? Nomatter. The Overton Window is supposed to be a way to understand the viability of political idears. Yet, when I look at the pic above I can’t help but see a pattern. It is a pattern of self-doom. And I can’t think of a more deserving species. We are starting to look like roadkill just under the bus. Or maybe not.

Rant on.



3 thoughts on “What’s Under The Bus You’ve Been Thrown?

  1. Great articles the last few days! You’re really hitting your stride.

    This Overton Window notion is interesting. It reminded me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

    On humanity. (Gee, this is a brief topic, naa ?) My reluctant conclusion is that our tribal instincts will continue to dominate our group behavior. Individuals are capable of redefining themselves, stretching themselves … the group not so much. How many of the men in Calley’s platoon would have allowed themselves to do what they did had they been alone ? Not many, I’d wager. They, as the French so descriptively say, let themselves go because the group approved and there was an officer (not) in charge who was superbly unqualified to be a military leader of any kind.

    Thanks for provoking thought, painful though it is …


  2. The original hypothesis from the 2010 genetic sequencing of Neanderthal was that the world was composed of two breeds. The ‘pure’ Sub-Saharan species was one breed. The rest of the world, not just Whites, was a stabilized hybrid of the Sub-Saharan species plus the Neanderthal species.

    Given that there is a ground breaking human genetic discovery being announced almost fortnightly, as of January 2017, the current working hypothesis goes something like this:
    – Sub-Saharans (SSs) are still a pure species
    – The rest of the world, including Whites, are at least a stabilized hybrid species of SSs and Neanderthal (NT)
    – Greater Asia adds yet another species to the stable hybrid mix, The Denisovians (DN).
    – PNG and surrounds add yet another species (OTH-P) into the stable hybrid mix
    – there is signal to suggest that there is at least one another species ( OTH-A1) that mixed with some of the SS types in Africa.

    So as of today we have the following species and stabilized hybrids composing humanity:


    Plus maybe SS+OTH-A1

    Another piece of information that is coming out of the genetic research us that the species:SS,NT,DN and OTH-P split from each other up to a million years ago or longer.

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