This Thing I Call French Love

I love the French. Although having grown up in a world that gives rise to to the likes of #Trump, ever since I got somewhat of a grasp of history, I’ve always had this thing for the French. Obviously it’s never bothered me what happened in the WW2, especially when one considers what happened in WW1. (If you don’t know what I’m referring to then just ask any American white male from any “red” state that was born before 1970 what he thinks of the French.) Besides being fascinated by Napoleon’s Egypt campaign–my goodness, the man wasn’t even thirty years old then–he means nothing in comparison to what I really, really love about the French. And so. Are you ready for it, dear worst-reader?

Up till today I’ve loved the French for one thing and one thing only. But this morning that changed. I never knew that the French had a law that prohibits media coverage 48 hours prior to the start and finish of a national election.

What a great f’n idear.

The French actually have a law that tries to at least curb some of what makes humanity so f’n stupid and also might be of some use regarding Putin’s lust for ruining the West. In fact, any other country with a half-bit more brains should probably implement the same thing, if not adding a few more hours to it. But we know how it is these days trying to find a country with brains, eh. For you see, dear worst-reader, from what I’ve read so far, the same group of Russians that hacked the Democratic National Committee last summer, thereby ending my relationship with that party, and also ruining Hillary at the same time, just hacked Macron. But the news can’t publish anything about it.

God I love the French!

Obviously, for Hillary, things were different with her and the DNC hack. I mean, those damn DNC emails really hurt her but they were in the news and thereby fodder for bathsh*t republicans for months prior to the election. Free speech is a bitch! Does this mean, even though the Russian hackers are pretty damn good, they didn’t do all their research about how the French govern their elections? Indeed.

Yeah, let’s hope Authoritarians the world over won’t be able to rejoice with the election of France’s fascist party which will most surely lead to the demise of #eurowasteland. Yeah, let’s hope.

Oh yeah. Almost forgot. The #1 reason I love the French.

The f’n French Revolution. The way they got rid of a useless monarchy… As far as I’m concerned, that was/is one of the greatest human achievements ever. It’s unfortunate that so many other countries still adhere to that krapp. Yeah, real unfortunate.

Ran on.


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