Since You’ve Already Forgotten Everything You Never Knew…

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 16.59.09.png
A screen shot from… I forget.

I’m seriously trying not to pay attention to all the BS that’s going on with #Trump right now. But it’s hard, you know what I’m worst-saying, dear worst-reader? It’s hard because my best guess tells me that #Trump is a frickin genius. Forget all the firings, the crazy tweets, the whacky press briefings by that snobby bed wetter. #Trump is playing me. I know he is. Has there ever been this much power consolidated in the republican party before? Now that really-really frickin¬†scares me. Yeah. It scares me more than that comb-over that he’s so good at hiding–or is he so good at feeding it?

Rant on.


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