Odd Sources, Truth Be Told (Somehow) And The Death Of #SethRich

Update: see below.

Granted. I don’t watch faux newz. Can’t stomach the stuff. For conservative “media” I follow a few conservative pundit twitter accounts, have a look at Breitbart once-a-once and CNN, and then follow liberal blogs that make a point of ripping these nutbags new a$$holes here and there.

(Before you think the worst of me, I’m not against republicans per se. Nor am I against political conservatism. It’s just that I don’t agree with the way these two have so easily jumped aboard the ideology bandwagon–thereby taking advantage of the ill-informed–in the last thirty or so years. It is extremely un-American of them! They have become bat$hit.)

Anywho. There was one story out of the 2016 presidential campaign–above all other stories–that really, really caught my attention. That story has to do with a young man that worked for the DNC and, under questionable circumstances, just after the release of the Podesta/DNC emails via Wikileaks, was found dead on the streets not far from his Washington DC home. His name?


The reason I premise this worst-post with how/if I read conservative news is because, unfortunately, the source for the article that motivated this post, about #SethRich, is in part… Oh God. I guess I have to admit it. Indeed. Oh krapp.

Part of the source is…

Faux Newz

(Throw up. Barf. Clean up.)

That’s right. I read something on a website, via a tweet that leads to a blog post, that has as one of its sources Faux Newz. And I feel kind of filthy right now.

Pause. Taking shower…

As I posted here and here, I quite the Democratic party after Hillary’s loss–and especially after seeing what the Democrats did to Bernie Sanders. But the more I read about the death of #SethRich, the more intrigued I became. Obviously it’s not unusual in the the US that murders go unsolved. But this one had something different about it. I mean, come on. He worked for the DNC. It’s now known that he is the source to Wikileaks of the Podesta emails–if we can believe Zero Hedge. And yet, I’m sure, tomorrow, centrist media (MSNBC, NBC, CNN???) will still be reporting on how the Russians hacked Hillary’s chance of being president or how #Trump is meeting in Oval office and sharing more secrets than ever before… Blah. Blah. Blah.

Pause. Taking another shower….

Zero Hedge is a website I visit once-a-once. Although I like much of what’s posted there, I can’t take it that seriously because you never know its sources and the main publisher is one guy who could be many guys and has the name of a movie character who was better in the book the movie was based on. And so. It’s a good thing that there are still people out there that can differentiate between what is rational and what is irrational. Or maybe not.

Here’s the tweet that caught me today:


Boy, do I hope someday that they can find who killed this young man.

Here’s the link to the Zero-Hedge article:

Rant on.



Just did a google search to check more on this story. Here’s a few links with opposing opinions regarding who did what, who gave what to who, etc.

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