Corporatism, Mobbing And The Daily Routine Of The Race To The Bottom

stained flag

Behaviour these days is everything; it is a pillar at the base upon which the global system, in its current iteration, rests and functions. In fact, nothing gets done without behaviourism. If you don’t behave then you are an outcast, you are ostracised from the/a system. You may also be accosted or, better yet, mobbed. Whether that system is family, a community or a corporatist press briefing at the White House, there is no avoiding the reality of behaviourism. Without behaving you are left to what you had when you were born: either someone will take care of you or you become a burden. What happens though when something enters the system and causes too many within in it to not only misbehave but the standards of behaviour become more and more obscure?

Ok. Cut to the chase. The recent press briefing where a senior political advisor to #Trump, Stephen Miller, literally accosted a reporter left me in awe. The moment was so obscene that I had to cover my face due to my falling jaw so that not too many of Balthazar’s locust’s wouldn’t fly directly into my cerebral cortex and then exit my coils (as in mortal) through my other end. What a display of third-grade rambling this man (Miller) shows the world, I thought. How many times have I experienced the same thing in my short lived corporate career where elbows ruled EVERYTHING, I asked myself. I then remembered the same type of exchange in a fifth grade sandbox between me and a click of insiders at the new middle school I was required to attend (where fifth graders still had sandboxes and used them). From highschool I remembered observing how girls haggled over other girls because of dress, posture and poise, and the ever relevant boy gawking. Yet in this case, supposed adults who are literally at the top of the world were acting no different than…

Than what?

Stephen Miller–as any good, submissive, tow-the-line (incorrect spelling of idiom explained here) college grad–tried to turn the issue around and up-side-down that was raised by a reporter questioning governments questionable law making. Which is fine by me. The problem is, Miller’s behaviour and his inability to intellectually handle the situation is a grand example of how things work in DC, the world, and in the minds of corporatists. Which brings me to this worst-question: where does this behaviour come from? I won’t pretend to know the answer to that. But allow me to worst-say this: This can only happen in a system that is in the process of eating itself, that is in a perpetual state of failing upward, that is well on its way in a race to the bottom. Add to that Stephen Miller’s attempt to re-engineer history by delegitimising the humbled masses poem at the Statue of Liberty. Oh my!

Behaviour=Alt-Right + Fake News + and let’s not forget that old #americant idiom: my way or the highway, sucker.

Indeed. And in case you need more, just google this: “andrew breitbart screaming at protestors” or watch the video that I’ve linked to here where a disgusting right-winger hideously spews exactly what was most likely drilled into him as an abused white anglo-saxon child: behave yourself, behave yourself, behave yourself.

How to make heads or tails of this?

Almost everything that’s wrong today in my beloved #americant (and perhaps the entire western world) might be found buried in the dialogue of my previous post. In the movie No Country For Old Men, during the putting-up scene at the gas station, a few very meaningful cultural issues are hidden within the scene between a middle-of-nowhere store owner and a south-of-the-boarder hitman. I’ve come up with this pseudo empirical study of the text that may or may not be relevant to this worst-post:

  • Mind your own business (which authoritarians can never do)
    • The owner rudely questions where Chigurh is from.
  • The owner is a racist (behaviourism)
    • Chigurh calls him a cracker (slave owner)
  •  A reactionary mind, adhering to convention, suspends its ability to differenciate between truth and lying and when challenged to do so just rambles on (like #Trump & Co.)
    • The owner cannot say what time of day he closes his store, only approximately when he goes to bed (off or change subject)
  • What you have in life is unearned (the basis of a debt ridden, neo-feudalistic economy)
    • The owner married-in to the store where he works/lives
  • When you enter into a wager, you have to hold up your side of the bargain
    • This is what #americant has been avoiding since it adopted a position of empire
  • Etc.


The thing I’m worst-considering, dear worst-reader, using the putting-up scene from No Country For Old Men, is this: which of the characters is Stephen Miller and which is the reporter (in the video above)? Put another way, which of the movie characters is #americant and which is America? Nomatter who is what and why is on second, it doesn’t look good for anyone because things have actually traversed this far down the rabbit $hithole. With that in worst-mind, I’m leaning towards Miller being the owner of the store, although perhaps a bit more movie dialogue is required to legitimize such a worst-thought. Miller is certainly not Chigurh. As far as the reporter goes, he is without doubt a rational human being questioning a governments irrational attempt at making a very, very bad law. (See The Raise Act link below).

Worst-hint. Pay special attention at about 3:10 in the video above. The way Miller tries to turn the reporters question about English speaking immigrants–the merit part of The Raise Act–up-side-down, trying to make it sound as though the reporter is not only biased (cosmopolitan bias) but also a racist–as though he was saying no other country other than England or Austrialia had English speakers in it–which the reporter clearly didn’t say–is absurd. Miller in this situation is nothing more than an abomination of irrational people (those directly and indirectly responsible for President Stupid) unable to cope with the reality of what their politics (conservatism) has sewn. And so, they react in this manor. They react poorly. They become ugly. The are hideous. What got us here? The answer might just be:

Look at your  mirror hideousness.

Rant on.


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