Worst-Writer’s Interwebnet Pseudo Warhol 15 Minutes Or So. Thanks @Mr_Electrico

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 20.21.35
Screenshot. Link to tweet below.

Dear worst-readers the world over, the post referred to by @Mr_Electrico in the screenshot (tweet) above is here. My worst-response, other than my tweet (in the screenshot) is here:

Why have liberals in my beloved and missed #americant failed so miserably since I left at the beginning of the end that was the 1990s? Or did I leave at the end of the beginning that was the 80s? Wait. 70s? Nomatter. Have liberals failed because I left? Or have they failed because I took the whole $hitstorm that was/used to be–America fcuk yea–with me?–while moving to a place that America would become? Whaaa? For those not in the know–that place I left, America, has become Europe. And not just the Europe of now. It’s become the Europe of the late 19th century. Welcome to your world–my neo-feudal imbecile friends who can’t pay your fcuking credit cards off! Oh wait. Let’s not go there. Let’s not go to the reality that got you where you are, that enabled republicans to take your advantage (as in tennis). The good news is: you’re up-to-par on your grammar. (Is up-to-par an idiom?) The bad news is… Oh wait. You’re living in your bad news.

Link to the screenshot tweet from above: https://twitter.com/Mr_Electrico/status/894240207410794501

I don’t know how to write idioms. Does an idiom even use grammar? Wait. I am worst-writer… fcuk yea!

I’ve had to deal with this greater-than-though, I know more idioms than you $hit forever–and i still don’t care. Reason? Such an error is irrelevant in the big picture. Grammar errors are irrelevant in the big picture, too. “If you wish to be taken seriously as a writer…” Yeah. Right. Look where that’s gotten us. Liberals are losers, the country is run by losers, but there’s a particular sect of losers that know how to fcuking spell!

The problem with liberals is that their big-pciture is so distorted with greater-than-thou krapp, how else can they deal with the world they have partaken in maken? (Paid your credit card off yet?) Take Bernie Sanders, for example. Now don’t get me wrong. I came around to Bernie by August of last year. But here’s one simple thing to remember when falling for the Bern. The core of the health care insurance problems lie NOT in a government plan to pay the high costs. The problem is THE high costs. This, btw, is the same problem in #eurowasteland. But they don’t care because they don’t waste their high taxes on wars of choice and tax cuts for the rich. But I digress.

Back to grammar beach guards controlling the wrong beach. Europe invented this high-nosed, empty arrogant krapp that has given the world so many college edumacated morons–who can all spell and edit text better than anyone else but can’t solve a relative simple problem (issue) if their lives depended on it. And so. It’s hard finding a way to communicate when 1) you don’t give a shit but just get a kick out of typing and 2) a bunch of technocrats–or is it bureaucrats?–try/want to rule everything based on writing errors that have nothing to do with what’s actually being worst-written.

There is no excuse on my part for making such an error–other than I don’t give a fcuk. But at least I can call my lost American liberal brethren out for what they really are. The reason liberals can’t win is not because cocksucking conservatives are better. It’s because you guys need to fcukin lighten up.

Tow the line!

And keep puttin up  <—–>  Driftglas!

Rant onwards.


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