The True Face Of Greed Will Joyously Burn The Whole Thing Down Then Party Hearty

the madness gun

What can one say about the ugliness and the hate and the true-face of today’s new & improved pseudo-bourgeoisie of #Americant? On that note, let’s get it on about guns. Keep in mind, dear worst-reader, there is one thing that the shooters of Columbine, Sandy Hook, Charleston Church and Parkland have in common–other than their weapons and drugged-up mindlessness. They are an example of what has become of the middle class, i.e. the greatest believers in the mystery and sorcery of The Dream. They are the $hitbags reared by the worst part of a society that has obviously run amok–and is still going. And since these a$$holes (the American middle-class) have fallen head over heels for what FauxNewz/Limbaugh&Co spews into the public domain, which has distorted reality for these people so much, they all now have to rely on pharmaceuticals that emulate illicit drugs in order to function at the most basic level. These shootings are the result of at least two generations of collective DYSFUNCTION run amok. In other words, this is what happens to a middle class that systematically gives in to consuming to survive and gloating at neighbours with spite and greed and let’s not forget wars-of-choice, bailing out Wall Street, globalisation, Walmart>Amazon, etc., etc. And speaking of siloed-wealth mixed with pure riff-raff stupidity… Did you hear that after the Parkland FL shitbag’s mother died, he was scheduled to receive an inheritance of over $800k dollars? In fact, once the news broke and the greed gills of #Americant started to get a whiff of his windfall, he’s now awash in so much fan mail that the dumb-downed prison administrators probably think they’ve got a pop-star in their midst. But that’s not the worst of it, dear worst-reader. No. Instead I thought it appropriate to have a worst-word or three about how #Americant’s oldest gunmaker can go into bankruptcy during another post-shoot-em-up buying frenzy. Oh wait! Are you saying that kids from Parkland and their rallies are having a (positive) effect on the senseless killing that is part of senseless life in my beloved (and missed) #Americant? F-no! But lawsuits galore might be having an effect on something else. And that something has nothing to do with Parkland. No. Indeed. As #Americant’s oldest gunmaker recently announced, it’s going into bankruptcy. And why? That’s right, dear worst-reader, it’s not going into bankruptcy because, well, the worst of the worst, the ugly-ness of it all, the greed mongers galore–not unlike that spoiled rotten little shit-kid in the playground sandbox–will, instead of losing (anything), burn the whole fcuking house down. That’s how bankruptcy works these days. Remington is filing for bankruptcy to protect what it can from what will most likely be the loss of a civil case filed against it because it manufactured and marketed its AR-15 so well that Sandy Hook had to happen. Is this good news? It might be good news for what’s left of #Americant that can still function without pharmaceuticals. But for worst-writer, who is obviously a bit less optimistic, this is even more worst-news–for a country that is out-of-control with greed, gluttony and sloth.

Rant on.


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