Baldies Of The World Unite. Time To Be Proud. Maybe.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 21.35.49
Screenshot from the Interwebnets

Never thought it would come to this, dear worst-reader. But I am indeed über proud to be bald. I mean, come on. Check out these hair-dos of dudes who are… in charge of a world? Ok. Ok. I guess I’m glad that my beloved #Americant is setting something straight that it/we made real cock-eyed in the recent past. #Korea. But does it have to be done by these guys? I was actually hoping that Kim blah-blah would try to figure out this whole ordeal without US influence. I mean, why not? But then again. I bet there’s a whole bunch of numb-nuts on this planet that just don’t get the ill-politics that #MAGA again again. Indeed. #Trump needs some distracting faux newz and this is how it’s done.

Rant on.


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