The Great Reconciliation Undo Or How Bubbha Missed The Blue Dress On His Second Go Round


Disclaimer 1: This post NSFW (for slight reference to certain sex stuff).

Disclaimer 2: “Bubbha” is nickname given Bill Clinton.

There was a moment while listening to Bill Clinton bat an eye when the interviewer asked (out of the blue) about his grand past where I didn’t know whether to LMAO or LOL. But then, suddenly, Clinton’s whiteness was taking a turn for the worst: bright red was beginning to shine through that pickled and scarred bulbous nose.

Wait! When did he get a nose job, I asked my worst-self.

That’s when you know something is up, eh, dear worst-reader. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen that Clinton red nose before. Anyone who lived through this man making blowjobs dinner table talk in my beloved & missed #Americant should know it, too. In fact, I’d fare to say it’s almost like a new fangled disease and Bill Clinton is the originator.

The angry red nose of über white people disease.

But before I get too far off subject.

What is the cause of Bill Clinton’s nose turning red during a simple interview where he’s actually trying to sell a book he co-wrote with a famous novelist? This nose-phenomenon is not totally unknown to many out there in the world. Reason? The cause of it is either severe embarrassment or less severe anger that begins and ends with… how blood is circulated through the male body. For some, the red nose of über white people disease is an everyday event. Your arteries begin to harden and the pressure in your veins increases. Who can tell what really goes on in the breathing carcass of #Americant males but I can only worst-guess it is akin to other human endeavours, albeit with less socially negative results. With that in mind, let’s get on with the sex, shall we?

Would I be amiss if I didn’t mention sex in a worst-post that tries to deal with Bill “Bubbha” Clinton? I mean, cum on (her) already. And while there, I’ve admitted that he’s probably the greatest politician of the 20th century. And ain’t that how this whole thing got started? I mean, other than…

blue dress yes, swallow no

Imagine with me, dear worst-reader, how the whole ordeal came to be. For example, I’m now wondering if, not forgetting the cigar, she invited him in the hallway between the White House offices or if he told her:

Wait. I can’t cum in here, he said.

And I can’t swallow, she said.

In the hallway, then, he commanded and chiefed. And then he added with his zipper down, I can cum on you in the hallway if you don’t swallow.

Indeed. That’s how it came be. I mean, how was it back in the day when we (I) could make things work–down there–at the push of a popped blouse button or the sight of a blue dress. In fact, that last time I took the blue pill I immediately felt the constriction taking place in my non-Cuban little friend. It is indeed a constriction not unlike anger–or, perhaps, embarrassment–and it boils through your body seeking release. This, by-the-buy, is the difference between male and female, don’t you know. Is that, btw, what saves her (in the end)? Is that what keeps humanity’s head–as in give it–all about #metoo swallow or #metoo not swallow? Just blow your goo on my dress?

Ok. Enough worst-sex.

I’m pissed that Bill Clinton is back in the news and this is the only thing that can be talked about. I’m also pissed because he’s back in the news for having co-wrote a novel–which is code for somebody else writing it and he’s putting his name on it and he’ll probably get most of the proceeds from it, etc. Will I read the novel? Of course not. Will I read a review about it? Seems kind of inevitable.

Spoiler alert: It seems to suck, btw.

And yet this ageing and dilapidated white man with ugly bulbous orifice protruding red nose, the single white man that ushered in the era of GOP batt$hittery, is all over the news and he’s not there to be a politician.

Go the fcuk away Clintons!

Bill Clinton lost his $hit the other day when a reporter, IMHO, asked the wrong question about an issue that has nothing to do with the current issue that motivated the question: i.e. the #metoo movement. Obviously, in a world of so-called fake news–it wouldn’t be fake if it weren’t for the likes of Bill Clinton. But this reminded me of everything that is not only bad but also rotten in my beloved #Americant. And it’s all starting to get on my nerves. I mean, how much longer are we gonna have to live with what Bill Clinton, his corporate, neoliberal ways, and the fact they, in large part, ushered in #Trump & Co.? Is Clinton and his Frankenstein Monster (the GOP) gonna be around forever battling each other with pitchforks, shovels and tiki torches that spew cum all over us? I mean, since he started the whole thing, wouldn’t it also be appropriate if he, somehow, ended it? You know, the ending of his association, through GOP-means, the bull$hit #metoo thing? Or. Maybe. Nothing will/can change because of a belated apology to #Americants and their blue-dress obsession queen. Or can it?

Within a few moments after the compelling worst-question Clinton faced, the first thing I thought about was why/how the reporter could attach what Bill Clinton did with/to Monica Lewinsky with the (über) current #metoo movement that’s moved the world because of another president, specifically President Stupid (#Trump), and his entry into the political BJ realm that is GOP (post Reagan) afterbirth.

Wait, I thought. Is there a connection between the consensual activities of Lewinsky/Clinton and the non-consensual activities of Harvey Weinstein & Co.?

After a brief discussion with my better half and a few hours of contemplative worst-thought, I eventually reached an inner consensus. At least I think I reached a consensus. This whole issue is not confusing (to me) because I cannot figure out what abuse is. Instead, this is about how to do deal with power? And so. The question asked of Bill Clinton that initially appealed to male sympathies tucked not deep enough in my worst-psyche, is a legitimate question. In the end, though, it’s not about whether Bubbha (Bill) Clinton apologised for consensual misbehaviour with Ms. Lewinsky. Instead it is about whether or not a man of power abused that power. In Clinton’s case it was clear abuse of power–irrespective of Lewinsky’s consent. And then my wife ended the whole issue in my worst-mind with this: He should have just said no.

-Rant on


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